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Battery Terminal Repair

How to repair melted battery terminals

Here's an easy fix I use for those batteries that have a loose stud or melted battery terminals. I have found if the factory studs get loose in the lead it will get hot and eventually melt the terminal.

To implement the battery terminal repair your going to need the following items:
  • 1 F drill bit. (0.257)
  • 1 5/16-18 tap.
  • 1 5/16-18 Socket Set Screw. (1 for each repaired battery terminal.)
  • 1 5/32 allen wrench.
  • 1 5/16-18 nut. (1 for each repaired battery terminal.)
  • 1 Hand drill.
  • * Lock-tite is optional.

Before doing any work on your cart disconnect the battery packs connections. If you have a Run/Tow switch place the run/tow switch in the "Tow" position. Always use insulated tools when working around your batteries. I have seen people wrap electrical tape around the handle for insulation. Although not ideal it works.

With a center punch, mark center of the battery terminal. It is very important that the hole is as close to center as possible.

Center Punching Battery Terminal for repair

It is very important you pay attention to the next step!

Only drill 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch at the most. I won't go into to much detail on how the terminal is shaped, I will say it necks down in size as it enters the case. If you are off center and drill too deep you will end up with a battery that leaks battery acid from the terminal, so stay straight as possible and only drill 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch at MOST..

Pre-drill battery terminal


Re-drilled battery terminal

Now grab the tap..... Lead is very soft material and strips easily so just tap a few turns and remove the tap, blow out the lead shavings, repeat the process until the tap bottoms out.

Tapping a golf cart battery terminal


The New threads....

Golf cart battery terminal threads


DO NOT USE A BOLT! Only use a Socket Set Screw or similar stud. Lead is very soft and will strip the threads very easily. The 5/16-18 Socket Set Screw can be found at many hardware stores or even your local auto parts. Thread locking compound can be used on the stud but if you do try to use the type that can be disassembled if needed. (Blue loc-tite.).

End result....

A brand new terminal ready for use. You can also do this if you need extra connections for golf cart accessories.

Repaired golf cart battery terminal

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Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is for information only. If you try this you do at your own risk and responsibility.

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