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nobuckbuild 03-24-2014 01:29 PM

evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
since i know marathon will see this and i cant find his number i will just post this here , otherwise its getting loaded on the trailers and im going to ruin one of his weekends with trying to get this thing to work.:help: ok lets start with specs briggs 303477-1075-e1 bored .020 over new crank rods and pistons 23 hp cam with new steel pushrods and double springs with billet retainers offset timing key two barrel nikki carb with adjustable needle , cam is set normally with timing key for advance the valve are set at .005 , with no load the engine will run up to 4000 rpm and then above that it will start backfiring through the exhaust and will not get above a 4700 rpm spike , what i figured so far is that either the exhaust valves need more gap or the timing needs to be backed off , under load (driving the cart) i cannot get it over say 2400 rpm without is backfiring the exhaust and then falling flat on its face if i dont back off the pedal and yeah it is running fat as thats the only way to get it to run , compression is good as i already checked that and replaced the cylinder heads with new ones since i had an exhaust valve dropping oil down the stem before , ok well lets here what everyone has to say about opening up the valve clearence or which way to go on this one.

pachanga90 03-24-2014 04:14 PM

Re: evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
I would start with the valve lash,.005 seems a bit tight on the exhaust for what you have dome to it. I could be wrong,I know that's stock spec,but maybe try .004 intake,.006 or .007" exh.Is it loosing fuel at higher rpm,and leaned out too much?How much offset on the key?I would usually start with about a #3, then work from there.A Cyl.temp gauge tells a lot too.Is the valve-guide too tight?That will cause it to hang as it gets hotter..:thumbup:

pachanga90 03-24-2014 04:18 PM

Re: evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
Is the timing key in the correct direction?I've seen it backwards,and it retards the timing,it will run,but no power,and no rpm capability.:thumbup:

1989Marathon 03-24-2014 04:24 PM

Re: evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
If I had only one guess, I'd say the timing key is installed backwards.

nobuckbuild 03-24-2014 06:00 PM

Re: evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
ok opened the valves to .006 and opened the fuel a good bit and now she is smooth up to 4500 before we start backfire im thinking that i need to trim the fuel back some and i think we are getting into the valve float area due to the steel pushrods , i know that the key is right as i had pulled the engine before to double check it and also checked it against the directions so thats ruled out , don i know you told someone else how to set up the needle i just cannot find it and i figure any instruction would be better than guess work and thanks everyone

1989Marathon 03-24-2014 06:09 PM

Re: evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
What rpm are you getting when you load the motor?
Did you remove the main jet from the carb?
Before I installed the supercharger, I had the needle about 2-turns out.
Are both cylinders firing? Feel the valve covers.

nobuckbuild 03-24-2014 08:39 PM

Re: evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
im guessing your right on the jet i had replaced it looking for the problem , but im thinking about just opening up the jet some to get the top end up just a little so i can have my 44-4500 rpm top end without leaning it out , any opinion on that sort of being a limiter as i know some people don't understand or go deaf when you tell them keep it under 5000 rpm i figure open it up to get to 5500 rpm and then i should be safe and not lean out at 4500 :thumbup:

also what fluid in the me29 30w or 80-90w

1989Marathon 03-25-2014 06:57 AM

Re: evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
If you are using the main jet to limit the rpm, that's a sure way to grenade the motor. Remove the main jet completely, and limit the speed by other means.
I am using 90w in the transaxle.

Andy4639 03-30-2014 08:28 AM

Re: evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
I have been fighting this as well. After putting the valve springs and such in mine. Here is what I found yesterday.

One, the front coil was cutting in and out at about 4000 RPM's at lower rpms it was fine but over 4 it would start doing this. Replaced it with a used one and it went right up to 5-5500RPM's.

Air filter was not letting it breath correctly, don't ask me how are why but when I got the cart it had a scotch brite pad for the filter, I replaced it with a lawnmower filter, (green foam) well it just wouldn't run right so yesterday i put a new scotch brite pad back in it and she is jumping to 5-6RPMs now with no problems.
This is a 20HP V- twin Bandolero motor best I can tell.

sho305 03-30-2014 11:35 AM

Re: evil twin cant get above 4k rpm
Any change in flow to the airbox/filter or the exhaust will change jetting.

In my experience lean will run more rpm on the top end, but depends on how the carb is working, I've had that with stock lawn carbs. The engine needs proper jetting to run best, above all.

With better springs just about any lawn engine used for this stuff should run 6K without float (if it can get there) unless your springs are not for your aftermarket cam.

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