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Slamminsam 01-31-2013 02:47 PM

SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread
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It All started with buying a Surplus Cart from BYU for $300:thumbup:. Yamaha G1. My friends daughter wrecked it before i got possession of it. My 11 and 7 yr old sons figured you could start it with a screwdriver, and made an unannounced trip around the block with one turning the wheel one way and the other going out of the cart the other way:thumbdown:. Needless to say, the boss wanted it gone. Sold it for a profit at $600.

While perusing the local Ksl.com classifieds, I came across this 94 EZGO marathon GXT-804 in Taylorsville(SLC), at a golf course for $250. missing a wheel, and a dead 295 motor.it had the dump bed which i wanted. My wife wasnt real thrilled like most projects i bring home. I have a pic but can't upload that one for some reason.
Last winter i started the teardown. kind of sat in the garage ever since, while gathering parts for it.
My Friend had a used Yanmar 10HP Diesel that i had been talking to him about. It was used on a sulfur burner trailer that they werent using anymore. I bought it for $100, and then the planning began. I was trying for a 4" Allsports block lift, but the engine was too tall. so I had to plan on a bigger lift to make it all work. ended up making shackles for the front of the carriage and 8" blocks for the rear. The front axle was bent, so my nephew helped me cut it apart, widen it, and add 8" to the front. I still need to figure out a few things on the axle. welding the plates on, and steering. Im thinking i may need to use hi-misalignment heim joints to make it work. thoughts on that would greatly appreciated.
Lost my job in May, and my nephew let me work for him on the farm for the summer until i could find another job. Really saved my bacon there.
I would keep plugging at getting little things here and there until i think i almost have what i need. and then some in some cases.
I got the bed all tore apart and the sides were rusted through, as well as the bed floor. i had some new bed sides bent up, and my bro gave me a sheet of 1/4" treadplate aluminum for the floor. i blasted the rest of the bed and painted it black while bed lining the inside of the bed. i need to finish assembling the bed and need a bushing which cant be purchased.
My wife has a vinyl cutter so im having her make me some EZGO stickers and some that say oil burner too.
I went with Kenda bear claw tires 23" but wishing i had went with a 25" instead.
still need some shocks, connect everything up, some bling and electrical(lights, stereo, winch)
Im finally posting this so it will keep me going until i consider it done, although they never are...
Last night i fired up the diesel, and the smoke was thick and heavy.
just like smelling burnt rubber at Nascar.....
the exhaust will be provided by a Yamaha YZF 450. It will need it that popper is loud uncapped.
The push bar i got from a police Cruiser on ksl.com, and cut some of the height out of it to fit the cart. was going to narrow it, but decided against it.
i have an Alpine stereo and Memphis audio speakers im going to put it. I tried speaker pods, and didnt like the fit, so, Im going with 6" PVC pipe caps. Ill have a friend cut the hole on a lathe since i dont have access anymore.
The clutches were hammered, I took the drive clutch apart and gave it some love, works great now. the Driven clutch was real hammered. the Helix was ground up, i cleaned it up, replaced the buttons, and put it on the lathe. I had to machine some off to get it to clean up, figuring it was so shot i had nothing to lose.
OK, now ive Rambled long enough....

Slamminsam 01-31-2013 02:48 PM

Re: SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread

Slamminsam 01-31-2013 02:50 PM

Re: SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread
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can you tell i havent loaded many pictures?

Slamminsam 02-01-2013 10:09 AM

Re: SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread
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racin161 02-02-2013 05:29 AM

Re: SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread
Keep the pics coming. Cool front axle did something like it to my 84 didn't like the block spacer thing.:thumbup:


Slamminsam 02-04-2013 02:52 PM

Re: SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread
'Ive been searching some, but does anyone have ideas how to lengthen the brake cables

and has anyone turned the forward/reverse cable bracket around to have the cables run over the engine instead of underneath?

I got the shocks mounted, working on the throttle cable and fuel.

Also looking for another job.........
Im getting to hate the words reduction of force :(

JcXtreme72 02-05-2013 11:26 PM

Re: SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread
Can't wait till it's done so your cart and the Donkey can finally play together. Just so every one else knows I've seen this cart and helped him with engine location and a few other odds and ends. It's a really cool cart. All DP metal body getting a Yanmar Diesel!

pachanga90 02-07-2013 10:57 PM

Re: SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread
To lengthen the brake cables,you could try flipping them side-to-side,mount the levers over the axle,instead of under.Also cut off the cable-bracket,relocate it,then make a new rod,or extend it from the pedal to cables.You can also get WorkHorse cables,they are longer.You will need to weld your shackles to the swing-arm so that they only pivot in one direction,otherwise they will let the axle sway.Looking good!Hope this helps.:thumbup:

Slamminsam 02-08-2013 12:00 AM

Re: SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread
Thanks JC yeah, we need to ride. maybe out by cherry creek when i get it going...
Thanks Mike. I haven't welded the shackles yet thinking i may move the coil mounts back a couple of inches first.
Ill look at the longer cables vs flipping backing plates type of thing.
Thanks for the input, much appreciated

I'm waiting on a belt at the moment and NAPA called saying a fuel fitting was in that i had ordered. I needed another orifice for the return line.

pachanga90 02-08-2013 06:28 PM

Re: SlamminSam's EZGO Diesel thread
I moved my Coil-Mounts back when I did TXT-body,since the wheel-wells were a bit farther back,plus the lift moved the axle ahead.:thumbup:

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