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ardb 10-26-2014 08:14 PM

New battery breakin ???
I just installed new batteries in a '86 club Car for a lady in our retirement village. She has an Ultra Power II charger. I kept the cart at my place for 3 days to start break in, lube, air up tires, fix light wires, etc. About a 20 minute run with very modest inclines brought the batts down to 90% SOC. Charger took about 8-10 hrs to bring up to 3 lights. I did not stay up long enough to see exactly when charger turned off.

My concern is that she will only make short trips daily and may take two+ days to run it 20 minutes. I know the ideal would be run it and charge it but that seems excessive to charge it everyday in her financial situation. I know that as the batts reach full condition the charger will not run as long.

What would be the best practice in this situation?

mrgolf 10-27-2014 07:48 AM

Re: New battery breakin ???
No one has responded here, but my guess would be charge the batteries at least after each use and if not used charge about once every two weeks. It's like pay me now or pay me later. Poor battery maintenance will cost early replacement, which likely be more than the electric the charger uses.:thumbup:

Swan 10-27-2014 08:00 AM

Re: New battery breakin ???
if she is taking only short trips a few times a day then I would charge every night.

ardb 10-27-2014 08:48 AM

Re: New battery breakin ???
Yes, I am thinking charge every night. If she is going to check on her mother-in law twice a day that would be about 1.25 miles on flat black top roads.
4 of the batteries I took out were '04 t-105's with a couple of used interstates tossed in along the way. There had been bad boil over. I had to pry the batteries out and chisel the corrosion off the frame to get new batts in. Three soda washes and the frames were then clean and still solid enough to use. I gave her diagram and written instructions for battery maintenance. I'll check to see how she is doing. She shouldn't have to add water for several months.
'86 Club Car had been very well refurbished in '04 by a friend of her late husband. The friend had been a Club Car factory employee and was well done.

I could probably start a side business here. Our church parking lot in this small retirement community has about 60 cart parking spaces. Reminds me of a parade of covered wagons leaving when church is over.

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