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Unread 04-15-2015, 02:18 PM   #1
Gone Wild
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Default Upgrades for torque w/20MPH max speed

These might be stupid questions but please humor me. Before embarking on a very expensive journey of upgrades to the wife's machine, I want to make sure I will not end up in the dog house as a result.

We live, work and play in the hills so I am looking for more torque and still keep a 20MPH top speed. The cart is a bone stock 2010 i2 Excel (serial number PH) ex-golf fleet vehicle with Speed Code 3. Her driving is limited to the paved roads and graded paths so I am not considering huge tires and a lift but I do like some of the 14" Madjax wheels with 205/30 low profile rubber. I think they call the tire Viper and I'm told it may or may not require a minor 1" lift block to prevent rubbing. So far so good except the new tires are about 2" taller than stock and will be working against my goal but not much.

I was thinking of going to speed code 4 and just accept the uphill performance hit but after spending most of my vacation researching, I think there is an aftermarket solution.

On to the stupid questions. What is the stock motor RPM at speed code 3 vs. code 4? How do some of the aftermarket motor/controller combos compare? I see some wild claims and very confusing numbers. No one seems to follow the same rating standards with some quoting peak and others quoting continuous HP. None plainly state maximum RPM at a given voltage or is that where the HP rating is taken? Some even claim huge increased torque AND speed but there is no real world data for comparison. At least not much that I can find. The hardest thing is following the compatibility logic. Is my i2 Excel platform a no go for these types of upgrades or do I need to replace everything with IQ? I want to keep regen but reduce it a little to keep my eyeballs in their sockets.

Finally, does anyone make high torque gears for this model cart? I understand the final drive is about 12.3:1. I see lots of high speed gears in the 8 or even 6:1 range but I want to go the other way like 14:1 or maybe 16:1 with a higher speed motor.

Thanks for helping me spend money and stay out of the dog house,
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Unread 04-15-2015, 02:40 PM   #2
Gone Wild
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Default Re: Upgrades for torque w/20MPH max speed

Really simple call a site sponsor scottyb carts unlimited , he will take care of whatever you want to do , it may be as simple as maximizing what you have or upgrading
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Unread 04-15-2015, 05:11 PM   #3
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Default Re: Upgrades for torque w/20MPH max speed

Ok so I have an 2011 Excel cart and I live and play in a paved hood that has some serious hills; hills my cart could not climb until I got a larger controller; cables, batteries and HP motor all helped but the magic comes from the controller as it is the bottle neck to pass amperage and it takes amperage to climb hills....

I would say that you need to call FSIP and ask about one of their Curtis 500 amp controllers as it will work on an Excel cart, if you want some regen braking left in that's your call and you can tell them and they will program your controller before shipment.... But you need good batteries that is your starting point, you will need # 4 at the least or # 2 battery cables, a super duty 400/1000 amp solenoid to go with the bigger controller as well as a bigger motor if you want to climb hills and keep a 20 MPH speed....

BTW Plum Quick can custom build motors that are bias to torque just as well as they can build you a speed motor.

Just be sure to relay your wants and needs to the likes of Scotty, Plum Quick and FSIP before and during your build so that you build it right and don't waste money....
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Unread 04-15-2015, 07:21 PM   #4
Gone Wild
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Default Re: Upgrades for torque w/20MPH max speed

Geezus, teecro! 33mph? That's incredible! Thanks for the info on PQ. I did not realize they would custom build a motor. I'll contact them and scottyb. A package would be ideal but I am not against piecing one together with quality components.

My battery bank is about 4.5 years old but has been maintained pretty well. Still, it is very likely that they will not hold up to the added demands of a bigger motor. Good replacements are inevitable with any performance upgrades. 2ga cables go without saying. I am not clear on controllers yet. Bigger=better but how much performance difference between 500 and 600? PC programability would be a big plus to dial in braking, top speed and accelerator profile.
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