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Left Coast Kiteboarding 05-21-2015 11:35 PM

'94 36v CC DS ..... Speed?
I'm picking up a '94 DS this weekend for a customer. Don't know much about electric carts. Assuming it's all stock, and working properly, what speeds should I expect and is there any speed governor that can be changed? I need to get the max speed I can in stock form.


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scottyb 05-22-2015 12:01 AM

Re: '94 36v CC DS ..... Speed?
in 1994 two 36v drive systems were made.
Resistor coil speed control = row of coil springs behind batteries
Solid State speed control = electronic box with 3-4 heavy cables attached.

Determine which of these systems the cart has and we can go from there.

Left Coast Kiteboarding 05-22-2015 02:10 PM

Will do. Picking it up tomorrow.

Left Coast Kiteboarding 05-24-2015 07:42 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Ok. Here's what's under the hood.
No idea what I'm looking at. I'm a gasser guy. :-)

Attachment 120242
Attachment 120243

What setup is this and what are my options for getting the most out of it without too much money.


CCFanatic 05-24-2015 07:56 PM

Re: '94 36v CC DS ..... Speed?
You've got the controller drive system instead of the resistor coil setup. Most of the major components can handle 48v

93yellowclubcar 05-24-2015 07:57 PM

Re: '94 36v CC DS ..... Speed?
That, good sir, is a controller cart! :thumbup:

Upping the controller size will only gain torque. Going up in voltage or in tire size is the only way to speed it up.

Dang... Nick beat me. :lol:

Left Coast Kiteboarding 05-24-2015 07:59 PM

Thanks guys. Lots to learn about sparkies.

What kind of coin are we talking to upgrade to 48v?? I know sky is the limit but all this cart needs is to get around a large dealership lot quickly. No hills, no major loads.

crash test dummy 05-24-2015 08:02 PM

Re: '94 36v CC DS ..... Speed?
also from photo your batteries are nov 09

stock about 15mph

Left Coast Kiteboarding 05-24-2015 08:04 PM

That's pretty old??
Both previous owners were older and just cruised a trailer park in it. Prob not much hard use. Should I be concerned?

crash test dummy 05-24-2015 08:05 PM

Re: '94 36v CC DS ..... Speed?
yea will need batteries in a year or so ... does cart have a back seat ?

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