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_ogre 05-01-2016 11:22 AM

new batteries: when should i recharge?
as stated... i bought new T875 batteries for my 48 volt 03 cc
i typically leave my cart outside at the house and use it to run to the barn/shop where the battery charger and all vehicles are
i have a recently installed volt meter

question: at what voltage should i recharge the batteries?

it doesn't make sense to recharge every time i travel 400 feet back and forth to the barn
right now after charging at rest the batteries are 50.4 volts, does it make sense to recharge at 48.5 volts, 50%?
i will say that new batteries make for fast charging, the powerdriveII was timing out before new batts (49 volts)


as for battery prices??? stupid expensive imo :mrgreen:
i think i got a good price, locally (detroit metro) they were $135, i drove an hour north to flint and paid $110 at plowmanscarts.com
with tax and all it was a flat $700 :thumbdown:

scottyb 05-01-2016 11:28 AM

Re: new batteries: when should i recharge?
Follow this little break in routine. If you don't use it much you may have to start taking the dog for a ride.


_ogre 05-01-2016 11:54 AM

Re: new batteries: when should i recharge?
thanks scotty, i'd read that but not recently. good advice :mrgreen:

according to that link 75% charge before recharge?
my interpolation of your chart indicates 49.75 volts is a good recharge point
fyi i have printed your chart and hanging over my charger


scottyb 05-01-2016 12:43 PM

Re: new batteries: when should i recharge?
roger that, you can do more often. I like to charge and charge a new pack often when as little as 10% down. They need the chemical activity to reach full strength.

_ogre 05-01-2016 03:54 PM

Re: new batteries: when should i recharge?
last year i did the gps speedo on my phone and the best i got was 11 mph
now i get a steady 14 mph, nothing phenomenal but 3 mph better than what i had
i do much of my driving in the field/wetlands behind my house, cruising at 4 mph
in stealth mode i can sneak up on the turkeys, coyotes, deer and foxes :mrgreen:

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