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troglodyte 05-17-2019 10:19 PM

Donated 2003 DS questions
I work at a childrens home (orphanage) down here in Texas. We were recently donated a 2003 DS SN prefix AA. We had our local cart shop check it out and after replacing some battery wires and a battery. It runs fine. We cleaned it up and I am using it as a maintenance cart.

I have two issues id appreciate input on, 1) Top speed is 10 mph. Id like to bump that up a little as we have fairly large campus, but I can live with it if I must. I know there is no code for the Powerdrive. Is there any other option?

2) The tires are going to need replacing soon and Id like to go with something with a little more aggressive tread. I know I cant fit 20s on there stock but I found some 19x7-8 ATV tires. Could I expect them to fit? Id like more ground clearance to handle driving on and off curbs a little better. 1/2 isnt much but every little bit helps. Short of a full blown lift kit, are there any other ways to cheat and get a little extra clearance? Would offset wheels or wheel spacers gain me any clearance for a larger tire?

Money is always tight as a non-profit so Im looking for the most economical options to try to gain a little speed and a little more clearance. I may just be wishful thinking.

Sorry for all the questions but Im new to the performance side of carts. After reading about 100 pages of posts I figured out yall know just about everything about carts.

handtools 05-18-2019 06:48 AM

Re: Donated 2003 DS questions
First of all, Welcome! You can gain enough clearance for 20" tires pretty easy with a block lift in the front and you can make some longer shackles for the rear and/or add some HD rear leaf springs. Here are some examples.



As for the speed I think the AA means it's a 48v DS but series or sepex? 10 mph is on the slow side for either so I would start by making sure the brakes aren't dragging and the tires are fully inflated and the batteries are in good health.

Frizbgolf 05-20-2019 08:45 AM

Re: Donated 2003 DS questions
I ran 20 inch on my 03 DS all I had to do was make longer shackles for the rear leaf to keep the tires from rubbing. The factory shackle is 6" I used flat bar and made my own 7".

troglodyte 05-20-2019 10:47 AM

Re: Donated 2003 DS questions
Thanks for the welcome and the advice.

I have another question/idea.

We have a 2005 Precedence that has a top speed of about 14 mph, which is plenty for me (at least for right now). What is the possibility and difficulty of swapping motors/controllers from the 05 to the 03 DS?

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