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Unread 07-22-2009, 09:53 AM   #1
Not Yet Wild
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Default 95 club 48v Loud Rear Noise

My 95 48v is making a terrible vibrating grinding sound.It will be really apparent when going uphill or when maxed out.During acceleration its not really noticable for the irst few seconds until higher speeds are reached and if i completley let off the pedal it wont make the noise at all.After doing a few searches here on the forum and visiting 2 local club car shops im still kind of confused of what it might be?

what ive found here tells me to replace a bearing in the motor or buy a kit that has a bearing and coupler.

The first club car mechanic told me the problems are in the transmission wich on my model splits in half and needs to be disasembled from the inside.His suggestiion was just to find a user rear and replace the whole thing.

The second club car mechanic told me its the motor.Could be a gear ring inside but probably the motor going out and best to just replace the motor.

If i need to buy a motor i would replace the stock motor with a high speed motor. on the 95 club car what motor can be used to replace the stock?

Any help or suggestions wil be appreciated
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Default Re: 95 club 48v Loud Rear Noise

Try blocking the front wheels and jacking up one rear wheel clearly off the ground one at a time to see if the noise changes when run. That way you can eliminate the outer axle bearings one side at a time? Do not run full throttle for more than a second or 2 without a load. Serious damage can occure.
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Gone Wild
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Default Re: 95 club 48v Loud Rear Noise

Have you checked the lub in your carts differential? Often this is problem and IF YOU ARE LUCKY may solve the noise problem?
If this is not cause you can diagnose your own problem. First Jack up the rear of cart and place good strong solid stands under axles near springs. Then block your front wheels SOLID so there can be NO MOVEMENT in either direction. REMEMBER that an electric cart weights about 900-1000 pounds and can KILL. I lost a close friend a few years ago because a jack stand was defective and crushed him? Check both ends of motor for sound, check differential case for sound, and most often you will find a outer wheel bearing going bad. The sound would be coming from right behind brake backing plate next to spring mount.
Have someone operate the pedal and run cart at a speed where sound was loudest ( DO NOT ALLOW MOTOR TO REV UP TOO HIGH ) as the armature will blow up from too much RPM's. DO NOT BE SURPRISED IF ONLY ONE REAR WHEEL TURNS AT A TIME AS THIS IS NORMAL. To check other side outer bearing stop opposite wheel with hand or foot and then you can check opposite bearing for wear. You will get some sound from center of differential as this is spider gears making normal sounds.
Take a doctors type stethscope or a piece of wood placed against the base of your ear and moving it around in different locations checking for sound that you were hearing. This will give you an idea of where sound is and what is needed to repair noise? Most differentials on golf carts can take ALOT OF ABUSE but will in time need outer wheel bearings replaced. Purchasing a used differential is not always very wise as they can be as bad or worse than what you have now. Motors are really about the same and can be rebuilt rather than getting complete new one?
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