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Default Just got a 2000 48V CC for free, but it doesn't move... HELP!

Let me just start my first post on this forum by saying that it is a wealth of knowlege, and I never knew these things had such a following. My situation is that my brother-in-law flipped his CC about 6 months ago, and it hasn't worked since. The only obvious damage is a bent spindle and the roof is slightly tweaked, also it won't move. He bought a new one, and gave me this one to (hopefully) fix and sell. I got it home last weekend, charged the batteries, which did take a charge, and haven't really messed with it 'till tonight.

I'll tell you what I know and have checked so far:

Batteries all have good connections, little bit of corrosion, cleaned up.

Took it off the charger 5 days ago, and showing 50.7 V between the main terminals tonight.

Water is above the lead plates in all of the batteries.

Key on, FNR in any position, throttle to the floor, and nothing... no sound, anything, except for the buzzer in reverse... it works.

Checked the throttle linkage, it is connected. Goes to a little black box under the driver's seat mounted to the frame. Don't know what's in the black box, but I'm guessing a speed controller or something like that.

Key off, FNR in R, and buzzer sounds, not sure if it's supposed to do that.

Batt. light came on for a sec. when I first plugged it in, but since then it hasn't come on once in all of my tinkering, not sure if it's supposed to.

Reset the OBC per the instructions in the sticky, changed nothing, and my buzzer sounded for like 15 minutes instead of 5.

Checked both terminals on the solenoid, key off, FNR in N, using frame as ground, got 24V on both of them. If I used the large black wire on the OBC as a ground, which I'm assuming is batt neg, I get 50.7 V on both terminals. Key on and FNR in any position doesn't change this reading. Haven't tried it while pushing the gas pedal, tho.

Jumped the small yellow wire on the solenoid to the main neg. batt terminal, no change.

Tried jumping the big yellow wire to the main neg. batt terminal, but took it off in a hurry, as the resistor got hot enough to smoke the plastic that surrounds it... I removed it as soon as I smelled smoke, which was about 30 sec.

When that happened, I figured I'd call it a night before I burned down the cart or electrocuted myself or something. Also gives me an opportunity to ask the internet questions, and see if there is something I'm missing.

I'm assuming right now, at the very least, I have a bad OBC, and maybe a bad solenoid. Let me know if there's anything else I should check on. I don't want to spend a ton of money on this thing, as I'm not planning on keeping it. However, I know it would be a much easier sell if it worked properly, so I'm not opposed to spending money, as long as I can get a bigger return.

I'm brand new to these things, and don't know how they're set up, so any help is appreciated. I work as a mechanic, so I am inclined as far as working on it and understanding how the stuff works.

Later, Josh
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