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bill94 11-22-2010 02:01 PM

DS adding brake light switch kit
Hi, this is my first post but i have a question regarding adding a brake light switch kit. i have a 1990 DS 36v with lights already installed oem.
my question is which kit should i purchase, the one with the switch installed on the brake pedal pad (UNIVERSAL), or the one with 2 micro switches classified as replacement?
i'm leaning toward replacement with 2 micro switches, but do both switches attach to the bracket so the wiring won't be visible or get tangled?
the lights installed already have the 3 wires to connect the switch and know to connect to red wire.
Thanks in advance

OLD MEC 11-22-2010 04:43 PM

Re: DS adding brake light switch kit
Are you looking at Club Car brake light kits or after market because they are different in how installation is done? if CC give brake light kit number please.
Many single switch units require the addition of some way to turn power off when cart is in park position. The 2 switch units usually turn themselves off by 2nd switch? Others use a timer to turn off after 30-60 seconds?

bill94 11-22-2010 05:36 PM

Re: DS adding brake light switch kit
2 Attachment(s)
both are after market kits, the single switch kit has a timer so you can use the parking brake. here is the e-bay link.. i hope it is ok to post links...

the kit with 2 switches classified as replacement is as you say uses one for on one for off and the link

OLD MEC 11-23-2010 07:32 AM

Re: DS adding brake light switch kit
Either would work for your needs. The one with timer would be easier to install ( I Think ) depending on if you get good instructions, and unless it gives timer problems should be just fine? The second with two switches is harder to install but many similiar units are working just fine.

bill94 11-23-2010 09:24 AM

Re: DS adding brake light switch kit
Thank You much appreciated, will probably go with the 2 switch one because it mounts out of the way.

ackjay 11-23-2010 01:23 PM

Re: DS adding brake light switch kit
I have been looking at this as well. I haven't decided if I'm going to put brake lights on my cart yet.
I actually have the 2 switch ebay auction saved in "my ebay". I am waiting to see if I can go to my local radio shack and pick up the parts I need cheaper. I guess the big advantage is it appears that they already have the wires cut to length, with the appropiate ends attached. Tie downs are a nice touch too. However, $36.90 shipped?

Keep us updated and Welcome to BGW!!

bill94 11-23-2010 02:18 PM

Re: DS adding brake light switch kit
I actually called them and he told me that it was a matter of using existing bolts and screws on the cart itself, then just running the wires. The guy I talked to said the instructions were actual photos of him installing the kit, so, I went ahead and ordered the 2 switch kit over the phone and the total was $33.75 shipped, little savings. I'm helping my father get his cart street ready so it was just a matter of research. it may be a while before we get it installed but will keep the thread up to date. Thanks for the Welcome..

bill94 12-10-2010 02:30 PM

Re: DS adding brake light switch kit
Well we finally got it finished with a great deal of time, thinking and some unexpected obstacles :read2:
First we got everything together needed we thought :roll: ...

brake light kit (the one with 2 switches) ie replacement
turn signal kit
fuse block (so all fuses would be easy to check and safety)

Now the fun part, we thought the rear lights had 3 wires due to a 1157 bulb bein in it, NOTT only 2 :oops: then instead of getting new lights my Dad said maybe the light socket holder is steel, checked it with a magnet walaa it was :lol: so we attached a wire to the steel holder as a ground and checked it with a battery and it worked, now we had 3 wires :thumbup:
The front headlights had amber side lights, cool we'll just hook the turn signals to those, so pulled front tire to check NOTTT, :help: the place where the wire should be had blank plugs, no wires :cry: so a search on the net to see if we could find a wired socket to fit NOTT . So off to the local auto parts store and we found a 2 wire light socket that was similar, BUTTT then had to trim off 2 of the push and twist blades because the one for the cart only had 2 and socket had 4. YEHAAA!!! :thumbup:
Finally all was in order to wire the turn signals and brake lights....
Installed the bake light switch (fairly easy to install), wired it in with the turn signal switch ran + (hot) wires to the fuse block, all - (ground wires) were already there from installed lights and hooked in ground for new amber sockets to them. :mrgreen:
Next only had to add and run one hot wire (+) to each of the rear lights red wire and one each to the hot wire of new sockets in front.... :thumbup:

Installed the horn button in the floor where the stock knockout was ran the hot wire to the fuse block, ground wire to the same as turn signal, brake light, and already installed headlights.
Hooked the hot wire to the battery from the new fuse block with everything on a separate fused terminal, attached the - ground wire to the other side of the 2 batteries we use for 12 volt.....
Low and behold after all that the turn signals worked, we had brake lights, and the horn blew YEHAAA!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:
Now we are street ready when the weather gets better in the spring after getting it inspected, because still need to install the mirror and slow moving vehicle triangle...:occasion5:
Hope this helps someone because you good folks were a help to us in this and some past posts that I searched...:salute::jump::study:

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