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Electric Club Car Electric DS, and Precedent golf cars

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Unread 10-17-2011, 06:41 PM   #21
Gone Wild
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Default Re: Precedent 12V Batteries

Originally Posted by Under-Dog View Post
what do you mean by Break them in correctly???????????????????????????
Go right here- - - - - - and look on the left for battery break in. It would be beneficial to you to read all of Scotty's articles!
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Unread 10-22-2011, 06:50 PM   #22
Gone Wild
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Default Re: Precedent 12V Batteries

I think I will post one comment to this thread since my major problem right now is the 12 volt batteries on the 2008.5 Club Car Precedent. I have concluded the absolute worst place you can every buy a golf cart is from a Golf Course. You would think that they use the heck out of them for 2-3 years and then wholesale them in groups of 100's to dealers,.. and that is true. The 2008 I bought came from Palm desert and big item I fell for was that it came with 2010 Torjan CC batteries. That turns our to be a sales "Gotcha". If you think about it the Golf course had the cart in 2008 and ink 2010 it replaced the batteries,...and here it is only in the 4Q of 2011. You would think these batteries would be good for at least a couple of years,..right. However, if you look at the history and they already replaced the batteries in only two years,...something is not right.

The battery group I got were in fact marked with the correct date from Trojan, and actually they were May of 2010, so they are only 1-1/2 years old when I got them. When I got it home one was is such bad shape the number one cell of battery #4 was dead,.. not shorted but would not take a charge. I was so mad at the dealer I got him to give me another 2010 battery. That was was clearly used but at least all 6 cells would at least charge. Now after several weeks of care and charging I'm still finding several cells in the other batteries that will not come up to a decent charge,.... I mean they won't get up to more that the top of the white in the Hydrometer test. The battery does show 12.60 volts but that is because the other five cells charge up to the green.

So I will not post more on my continuing testing and charging as I will add it all to the "Desulfate & Equalize" thread that I have found. I am not going to add any Epson Salt or other "Desulfater",... I am just going to use the features of my 12 volt charger that include normal charging at 2, 10, 25 amp and the ability to Desulfate the battery and an additional option to "Equalize the cells" in a battery. I will also use the standard Club Car charger and run the cart on the golf course to discharge it. We will see just what progress I make in trying to get these batteries back to usable life.

My final comment is that Golf courses are about the worse duty you could ever put a cart through. They somedays rent them out for two rounds of golf for two people and I'm sure that drains the batteries below the 50% level. When they get the carts they start using them from day one and I bet they never follow any "Break in Process" of adequate charging. Some days some or many of them don't get used at all and that may be for a week. Sometimes the forget to charge them until they need them. Sometimes they use them for a round and start the charge cycle, then they pull them out and use the for another 18 right away. My point is,... if you really want to abuse a golf cart battery, send it to a golf course. When I think about the other problems,..such as the extreme heat for 5+ months of the year and lack of use and good charging for those 5 months,... it can really destory a set of batteries. So now I'm stuck with 4 of these. I've looked with a flashlight at the top of the cells and the plates. There is so my Sulfite on the surface it virtually covers the plates. When I do see the plates they are "Bulging in and out with "White" sulfate deposits in the middle. As all of the instruction manuals state,..sulfates accumlate when the batteries are drained below 12.0 volts and not charged for a long period of time.

I hope someone else has the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.
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Unread 10-22-2011, 08:20 PM   #23
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Default Re: Precedent 12V Batteries

I think a good rule to follow if you are buying a used golf cart is to expect to buy new batteries sooner than later. Go into the deal with that logic and understanding and you will be fine. Kinda like going to Vegas. Plan on losing some money, if ya win, great!
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Unread 10-22-2011, 08:44 PM   #24
Gone Wild
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Default Re: Precedent 12V Batteries

I guess that I lucked up. My cart came from a golf course but the batteries "Trojans" were only four mounts old when I got the cart. So far, so good. I drive the cart like crazy but have never seen the batteries get weak enough to make a difference. Even with my mods, the batteries hold up well.
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