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shadowman 10-13-2011 12:53 PM

Re: 97 cc ds48v stopped working
the pic of the solenoid you posted.....the 2 top studs where cables are bolted you want to jump those 2 get a peice of cable and touch both of those at same time with rear jacked up then turn key on put in gear and press pedal see if wheels spin.............................8)

charman 10-13-2011 01:19 PM

Forgive me, but what gauge and how long or short a wire would be sufficient for this test. I used a single side of some jumper cables and the wheels would not spin. However it is reasonable to think I did not have a good connection because I was testing it w no help. Regardless I will try again, but is the single side of jumper cables ok to use or should I get a certain gauge wire at the auto parts store?

simple man 10-13-2011 02:17 PM

Re: 97 cc ds48v stopped working
If you have a spare battery connector cable and 2 nuts that fit the solenoid studs, that would be great. Just place the cable over the 2 studs and put on the nuts ( there should be enough stud left ) and just snug the nuts. You don't need to remove anything to do this test. When you are done make sure you take this jumper back off! :mrgreen:

P.S. From the looks of the top ( in your photo ) the car jumper cable may not have made a good connection.

charman 10-13-2011 04:33 PM

Ok Purchased a 60v 4g battery cable and jumped the posts. Nothing happened and I am sure I had a good connection. When the pedal was pressed I could feel the click in the cable I was holding and could hear a faint squeal as in a transistor radio. What should I do next? Thank y'all for the advice. Its much appreciated.

Colbyntx 10-13-2011 10:42 PM

Re: 97 cc ds48v stopped working
Looking at your motor, you have a series cart( F/R lever, not a toggle switch). It sounds like you have an issue in your F/R lever. You can find one cheaper than $120.00. They can also be rebuilt. You can test the voltage on your f/r with a DMM.

shadowman 10-14-2011 07:14 AM

Re: 97 cc ds48v stopped working
are you sure the batteries are ok? before you call someone check voltage in each battery and load test each one.........also check water it only takes one battery to stop the cart i would also buy a set of battery cables and clean all battery terminals..................................if your not sure about your voltage #,s post them we can help but when you load test them if you get any that drop below 7 volts that might be your problem........................8)

charman 10-14-2011 10:47 AM

How does one go about checking voltage in batteries, F/R switch, and load testing each battery?

Colbyntx 10-14-2011 01:03 PM

Re: 97 cc ds48v stopped working
You can get a digital multimeter at walmart for $20.00 that will be just fine for a golf cart application. When you check batteries 1 at a time, switsh it to 20 DCV and read each battery. When you check the entire pack voltage, switch it to 200 DCV and put the red on the main+ and the black on the main -. These should be the ones that are hooked up to the charging recpticle. As for the f/r lever. Look at it and see how it works. It on diverts power to the correct cable going to the motor for forward or reverse. Play with it and see if shifting the lever send power out or not.

charman 11-09-2011 10:32 AM

To complete this post and say thanks to all who gave suggestions. In examination of the F/R switch, found melted substance on the copper bars that complete the connection btw the two parts of the F/R switch. Upon disassembling found one of the floating cylindrical copper studs embedded in the plastic and unable to float and complete the connection. Surmised that a faulty connection caused the switch to overheat and melt. I then carved out plastic to once again expose the floating copper cylinder and cleaned all connections with razor scraper and wire brush. Reassembled switch and now back in business. No one happier than my 15 yr old who has been hoofing it btw home friends and golf course, who later told me before cart stopped working, it occasionally jumped when placed in forward position and pressed gas. Also informed me that one time switch became so hot he could feel the heat from the switch on his leg. I read many posts looking for similar issues to mine and found posts that I now can bet the problem is the switch. Just stopped working, cart jumping, most likely switch problems. Last note regarding F/R switch rehabilitation: make sure you have snap ring pliers. Thank you shadowman and ColbyinTX. Peace be with you all.

shadowman 11-10-2011 08:42 AM

Re: 97 cc ds48v stopped working
hey glad you got it going..............had you gave us the info you just posted we could have nailed it faster ................kids you have to love them because i know i don,t..............lolol....................that should be the 1st question asked anytime someone posts for help........was your kid driving it.............................8)

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