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Electric Club Car Electric DS, and Precedent golf cars

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Unread 11-13-2012, 12:58 AM   #1
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Default whats the difference

I have a 2007 Precedent, and I love it. The last thing I want to do is something stupid to damage it. I have read where you should never tow it unless it is in tow mode, which makes good sense. I also read a thread where it was speculated that pushing a cart twenty feet while in run mode might have damaged controller. My question is, what's the difference in towing or pushing in run mode, and coasting down a large hill in run mode. Its very early in the morning in middle of a night shift, so it is very possible I am missing the obvious.
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Default Re: whats the difference

. . . I am going to go out on a limb here, but the controller "knows" the difference . . . from a standstill, a series of electrical "interlocks" must happen before a cart moves, ie, key on, run mode, fwd/rev switch made, accelerator pedal depressed in specified order for controller to ok movement . . . once movement is "approved", controller is monitoring interlocks and knows when it is "coasting" down an incline . . . if it coasts at too great a speed with no input from accelerator, it will engage regen braking . . . when pushing/towing, the interlocks are not being made . . . towing is ok in tow position as it takes some of the "stuff" out of the equation so not to damage the controller/motor . . . towing/pushing (too far, too fast) in run mode can cause damage because the interlocks are not removed from equation . . .

. . . I am sure if I screwed up this explanation, Tahoe or ScottyB will straighten me out . . .
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Default Re: whats the difference

The problem is the zero speed detect feature. The electrical system does not know if the cart is coasting down a hill, or being pushed/towed so it engages motor braking to try to limit the speed to 1 mph. The buzzer should sound when you put a cart on a slight hill and it starts rolling. That is the zero speed detect/motor braking systems way of telling you motor braking is active. I do not believe that setting the F/N/R switch to N has any effect on the feature.
Last year a guy had brake failure on his cart so I offered to let him push my cart so I could use my brakes to keep him from running away down a hill. I noted that the buzzer in my cart kept sounding. I couldn't figure out what it was so I researched it and discovered that I was very lucky that I didn't damage the electronics in my cart.

The following info is from a Club Car Precedent owners manual.

IQ System vehicles use a special electrical system, which employs motor braking in some modes of operation. In those modes, the vehicle operates as follows:
Zero Speed Detect: This prevents the vehicle from rolling away uncontrolled should the driver park on a slope and leave the vehicle without locking the park brake. The vehicle will roll at about 1 mph (1.6 km/h). If the zero speed detect function remains engaged for two seconds or more, a warning buzzer will sound to alert the driver that motor braking has been activated.
Pedal Down Motor Braking: This feature helps to control vehicle downhill speed. Motor braking is activated when the vehicle reaches the programmed top speed and holds the vehicle at that speed. Motor braking is automatically disengaged when vehicle speed slows below the programmed top speed.
Pedal Up Motor Braking: When vehicle speed is above 11 mph (17.7 km/h), releasing the accelerator pedal will activate motor braking, which slows the vehicle speed. Once vehicle speed slows to below approximately 11 mph (17.7 km/h), with the accelerator pedal still released, motor braking will be deac- tivated and the vehicle will coast freely. This feature is selectable. Contact your Club Car dealer/distrib- utor to inquire about this selectable feature.

The Tow/Run switch should be placed in the TOW position under the following conditions:
Before Towing the Vehicle: Place the Tow/Run switch in the TOW position to disable all motor braking functions, thus preventing possible damage that could occur to the vehicle or electrical components if the vehicle is towed while the zero speed detect motor braking function is operating.
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