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Unread 03-04-2013, 09:05 AM   #1
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Default Analog Battery Meter Info

Apparently, I originally submitted this to the wrong section:

1997 CC DS 48 volt.

Recently, I installed an analog battery meter to my cart. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on how I can interpret this thing.

When charged, the needle shows at the high white "chg" area, on the line with the red area on the very right. After driving the cart, mostly on pavement with mostly semi-level roads for about ten to fifteen miles, it still shows in the white "chg" area, even if it is in the lower half of it. When I floor the cart, the needle dips to the green area at the left of the white "chg" area and jumps back up once I let off the pedal. I have driven what I consider to be a pretty long distance and have yet to see it go down in the green when stopped. I always charge the batteries upon returning home, so I do not use it for more than one day without re-charging. Note: These Trojan batteries are dated "10" and went long periods without being charged before I took ownership.

My question is: how do I read this meter in respect to when the batteries are actually at the danger low charge? Shoot, when I take my wife shopping and return, the needle is still in the white area. What I have read in other posts seems to suggest that when the needle moves into the green area, then it needs to be quickly returned to home for a charge. Is that correct? Mine dips into the green even on full charge, once I floor the pedal, but returns to the white when I let off. Am I to assume that I still have a quantity of time before I need to charge the batteries, IF it is still in the white, even if near the edge of the green area?

Sorry if this sounds a bit naive to the forum, but in my defense, I am new at electric golf carts. Thanks for your patience.
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Unread 03-04-2013, 09:56 AM   #2
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Default Re: Analog Battery Meter Info

Watch the meter under load. This would be when you accelerate (preferably hard uphill). The basic rule of thumb is to recharge when the needle touches the red under load. You can wait for this to happen and get your handheld DVM out to check and verify the voltage equivalent. You want to recharge at or before 36v on a 36v system and 48v on a 48v system.
I hope this helps!
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Unread 03-04-2013, 10:35 AM   #3
Gone Wild
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Default Re: Analog Battery Meter Info

Thanks ScottyB. Mine drops down barely into the green area when I initially floor it or when I am going up a steep incline. Then it pops back up into the white when it is no longer under any strain. I have not even seen it go down into the green area when sitting still, let alone down into the red. I have driven this thing about 15 miles max. at one time without it going into and staying in the green area. However, when driving it floored for over a minute or two, it does seem to slow down to a lower speed. I have GPS'd it at about an average of 19mph on flat pavement. I am just wondering if I should be concerned that the meter has not moved down into the green, other than under initial stress or on inclines. I charge the batteries after every use. I understand that this cart spent a lot of time in the garage between uses; months at a time without charging. The Trojans are stamped with a "10" so I assume they are 2010 batteries. I am not sure how far I should be able to travel on these batteries and that is why I installed the meter. I wanted some sort of warning so that I would not get stranded miles from a charge. I thought that due to the age of these batteries, my 15 mile runs on it, going pretty much flat out on the speed, would be the top of my distance scale, but the needle still shows in the white, although at the bottom of the white area. Does that sound normal to you? Just trying to get a handle on this thing. At this date, I have not seen the needle move into the red or even near it. But, like I said before I charge it after every use.
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