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mtmax 03-30-2014 11:14 AM

New batteries accidentally fully discharged,affects?
Hi all,
Just went to the golf course for my first round of the year. My cart is stored in an unheated shed all winter (Montana), hooked to the charger. If it matters it is an '04 IQ club car, with 6 8volt batteries.

Well, when I arrived, at some point during the winter they had moved the cart to a new location and forgot to plug it back in. I get in and turn the key, and it is totally drained, dead, not even the light on the dash goes on. These were brand new batteries last year, with new 2g cables. The original batteries lasted 9 years, before I replaced them last summer.

My best guess is it was sitting like this 2-3 months, certainly long enough to have the batteries fully drain. Not much really cold weather since December (lows in the teens and twenties), and they were not frozen when I looked, but we've been getting warmer days. If I had to guess I would say they did not freeze, but obviously can't be sure. Went and told them about it, and they immediately went out and threw it on a charger, and it did show that it was charging.

I mentioned to them that it was not good for batteries to sit fully drained, and it likely affected the batteries adversely, what were they going to do about it. The answer was, we need to talk to the head pro and we will get back to you.

So, should I be concerned? Did it harm the batteries? If so how much? I realize pretty much guesswork, and I don't want to be a jerk, but I do want to be treated fairly. Maybe I should just forget it. Curious what others with more experience think.

Thanks for any replies,

joesam 03-30-2014 12:35 PM

Re: New batteries accidentally fully discharged,affects?
You won't be able to tell much until the batteries get fully charged. One thing I would do is charge them twice - after it finishes this charge cycle - unplug the charger for half a day - then without moving the cart - plug it back in for another cycle. This will trigger your charger to attempt an "equalize" cycle (which is slightly longer - almost like a timed cycle - which attempts to balance the voltage between all the cells).

If there is any good news - it is that cold (but not frozen, obviously) is *much, much* better for discharged batteries than sitting hot. So, once your second cycle is finished (for 12 hours) - measure the voltage of each battery to see how close it is, to its companions.

If there is a large variance you may have an issue. In any case - if the batteries were replaced late last year, you may still be able to replace just the bad one (or two) batteries. But don't give up hope. The fact that the batteries were "new" and cold may have worked in your favor.

BTW - even if there is a small variance between batteries - it may take two or three cycles of charge/discharge (eg. cart being driven for a round of golf) before you'll really know whether there is any long term damage to one or more batteries.

dave*m 03-30-2014 03:00 PM

Re: New batteries accidentally fully discharged,affects?
Your batteries were not dead but above 36 volts.The relay needs at least that voltage or it would not turn on to charge.They are in need of being cycled a few times before they come back enough to test them to see if any damage was done.

Stevegrmich 03-30-2014 05:19 PM

Re: New batteries accidentally fully discharged,affects?
. . . if you have access to a 12v charger, you could bring up each battery individually, then as a pack with the 48v charger . . . I think you are better off than you initially thought . . . :thumbup:

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