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nvstg8r 12-27-2008 08:15 PM

'89 EZGO elec-Wide open or off
For some reason when depressing the accelerator pedal the cart goes full throttle or is off. From looking at the cart I think it has something to do with the controller. Just learning about the workings of electric carts as I have only owned gas carts. Any input will be helpful.

scottyb 12-27-2008 08:19 PM

Re: '89 EZGO elec-Wide open or off
Can you give us any history on the cart or the problem? 8)

nvstg8r 12-27-2008 08:33 PM

Re: '89 EZGO elec-Wide open or off
This started after installation of light kit. I just can't see how that would effect this. I have checked all the obvious things I've read about. Wires, solenoid, linkage. I just very simply don't know what to look for.

scottyb 12-27-2008 08:54 PM

Re: '89 EZGO elec-Wide open or off
On a controller cart this sounds like a throttle input problem ...... sounds like your input is reversed? if you put the cart on jack stands and try it .....does it drop out or shut down at wide open throttle? What if you hold the gas peddle down and then turn the cart on? Does it accelerate as you let the peddle up? Do all this on jacks !!!!

nvstg8r 12-29-2008 11:25 AM

Re: '89 EZGO elec-Wide open or off
Thanks for responses- discovered this is a converted resistor cart. Whole new problem.

buckmanmike 12-29-2008 11:52 AM

Re: '89 EZGO elec-Wide open or off
If its converted from resistors you might have some upgraded parts that are better than stock. Check the pb-6 for output, as Scotty said, sounds like a throttle problem. If you have a pb-6(pot box) it should read 0 ohms at no throttle and 5000ohms at WOT. Good luck.

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