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fishsticker 02-09-2016 08:27 PM

48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power

IM ALL IN! You guys have paved the trail so now I think it’s safe to travel!

Last year I purchased a 2010 Bad Boy XTO. It was in fantastic condition other than a very rusty battery compartment….ie entire frame surrounding the batteries…… and a bad controller and contactor.

Buggy worked great all summer and thru this winter hunting season. Range steadily decreased from 7 or so miles to about 2.5…..hunting season is now over and the tired original batteries have been pulled.

FYI the batteries were branded Bad Boy but were Crown 245 ah 6 volts.

All rust scale removed cleaned as best I could without complete disassembly and two coats of rust bullet applied.


• Twin SEPEX motors reported to be about 19 HP each (**** that seems like a lot!)

• Twin SEVCON Millipak controllers rated @ 65 volts input and 500 amp output

• 24” semi aggressive tires…..measured height……


• Keep the electronics as is with some relocating and waterproofing
• Install Nissan Leaf 53V nominal pack (7 modules or 14)
• Install aux 12V AGM for winch, lights, thermal imager and other misc electrical loads


• Old FLA batteries removed
• Partial disassembly and rust remediation done
• Battery compartment sealed from MOST mud and water intrusion
• General wiring cleanup and housekeeping done

fishsticker 02-09-2016 08:29 PM

Re: 48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power
A little rust


fishsticker 02-09-2016 08:31 PM

Re: 48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power
A little rust bullet applied


fishsticker 02-09-2016 08:33 PM

Re: 48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power


fishsticker 02-09-2016 08:35 PM

Re: 48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power


fishsticker 02-09-2016 08:40 PM

Re: 48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power

Right now my biggest question is do I get a 60 ah battery pack or do I have to get a 120 ah pack?

All I really need is an honest 10 miles of range. I have no need for 30 miles of range. 10 miles will allow us to hunt all the properties we are currently hunting and have a good safety factor. The terrain here is flat. A few gentle inclines….all travel is off road. No pavement.

The top speed on the buggy with the weak batteries right after charging was about 21 mph. I rarely go 10 mph. When hog hunting at night a lot of our trip is at a crawl…..1mph or less….not a lot of mud ridding but we do have to traverse some mud holes on occasion

From my research it looks like a typical factory cart at cruise on the golf course draws about 50 amps correct? With my twin motors cursing at 10 miles per hour what would I draw…….75 amps?

Creeping along at 1 to 2 miles per hour what would you guys estimate my current load to be?

Pulling up to a 6” diameter tree branch and crawling over it would draw what?

Reason for this line of questions is it looks like the rated capacity of a 60 ah Nissan leaf pack is only 7kw continuous and momentary 12kw. So max load is 145 amp sustained and 250 momentary? I’m worried I would exceed that with twin motors and controllers. Even driving like a paw paw.

I saw some post on other threads here where some were reporting 250 continuous and 500 momentary and double that for the 120 ah setup. Which is correct?

Could I protect the pack with a 250 or 300 amp fuse against damaging overload install one 60ah and see how it goes? If I keep blowing the fuse just purchase a second pack and run them in parallel? If I go with the 120 ah pack from the beginning my current layout would have them as two separate packs in parallel anyway

I have purchased the JLD404 and the 5740TV from lightobject…… they should be in this week…does anyone know if the JLD404 will provide me with the real-time current draw from the battery pack or just estimated amp hours consumed?

Any recommendations on a good current meter that I could use to monitor current if the JLD404 will not?

I do have access to an identical unmodified Bad Boy Buggy. I could do some testing after I locate an amp meter. Could that original FLA battery pack handle the potential 1000 amp load of the twin controllers?

rottie 02-09-2016 08:45 PM

Re: 48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power
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Do these controllers have a way of limiting/controlling max RPM?

With my series system, 67V on the AMD7124 went to 6000+ rpm I got 30+mph on flat roads.
You just might get too much speed.
The Nissan leaf lithium batteries are great and easy for configuring to different voltage and amp hours.
I did not see you saying anything about a BMS. One thing is these batteries will not tolerate any overcharge/over discharge/over current like lead acid batteries.
Abusing these batteries will set them on fire.

Beautiful work otherwise... :thumbup:

To answer one of your questions, yes you can easily parallel modules with shorting bars across each terminal. That is what I did so I have 120Ah pack. Talk with Nick at Hybrid Auto Center and he can set you up with a good Nissan leaf battery pack. I would suggest parallel at least 2 modules (120Ah) if not 3 modules (180Ah) as you are going to be drawing lots of current with 2 controllers. see attachment

fishsticker 02-09-2016 09:00 PM

Re: 48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power
I don’t have any details on how the controllers work so I can’t say. I do know that they handle forward and reverse internally. The only two contactors on the buggy simply close to send 48 volts to the controllers. When signaled to do so by the controllers.

I am thinking about bottom balancing like some of you have done due to simplicity and my worry of the BMS not being able to handle a little water. If the BMS is pretty rugged and can tolerate a little over spray then I would be open to that plan too. This cart will get muddy and will get washed regularly.

For charging I was thinking the custom programmed quick charge route.

fishsticker 02-09-2016 09:05 PM

Re: 48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power
I will install two packs in parallel if needed. If one pack can handle the load I think it will provide the range I need.

rottie 02-09-2016 09:20 PM

Re: 48 volt twin motor twin 500 amp controllers on lithium power
These batteries are rated for 240amp continuous, so double will get you 480A.
But you stated you are going to use dual 500Amp controllers (1000A total), so I would be parallel 4 modules, unless you are going to keep the current at a less value.

Or two dual battery packs if you want to keep it in smaller packs for packaging reasons or smaller cabling options which keep the currents down in the buss bars and cables.

Even w/o a BMS you need to monitor the voltages so they don't get to low during use or too high when you are charging. They need a special charger that does CC/CV (constant current/ constant voltage with a cut off). Do not use a lead acid charger or float charger, these type of chargers will guarantee killing the batteries.

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