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TxOutlaw 08-12-2016 08:44 PM

2000 EZGO 36v Solenoid replaced, still won't go
Hey Guys...

We have a 2000 EZGO 36v cart and researched our non moving cart and figured the solenoid was bad. The old one clicked but we were having intermittent issues with the cart not moving then it would for a while. We could wiggle the F/R switch and get it to go or tow it a few feet and it would go again. Well the solenoid is new (from EZGO), we placed the old diode and resister on the new solenoid and it still won't go... Can it be the old diode and resistor? We get voltage to the F/R switch but not really sure what we are looking at. We get 38+ volts to batteries and each battery reads 6+ volts...

Any help appreciated.

cgtech 08-12-2016 10:27 PM

Re: 2000 EZGO 36v Solenoid replaced, still won't go
so, it has a mechanical f&r switch with a rod to the passenger side (series cart)? if new solenoid still clicks, the diode & resistor is not the problem. a "series cart" (with stock controller) should run without the diode & resistor even installed. diode suppresses voltage spike to pedal microswitch, and resistor extends the life of the solenoid contacts, should still "run" without either of those things. please look at the back of the F&r lever to see what type of system it is (series has a rod to passenger side, or sepex, sepex has a "tow/run" switch near controller & no rod). if your F&r switch is on the dashboard, its a "PDS sepex" system.

TxOutlaw 08-13-2016 08:42 AM

Re: 2000 EZGO 36v Solenoid replaced, still won't go
Thanks for clearing up the solenoid Q...

Yes its the series cart with the manual F/R lever under the seat with the rod going to FR switch. I have tested voltage to the F/R contacts and seems to get voltage in each direction but I really don't know what or how to test it properly.


TxOutlaw 08-13-2016 11:44 AM

Re: 2000 EZGO 36v Solenoid replaced, still won't go

Turns out when I was testing the F/R panel I didn't notice a corroded connector on one of the legs... I just wiggled it and it completely came off... Then pushing the broken connector on the leg and then the pedal, the cart moved. Easy fix!!! At least I won't have to worry about the solenoid later on down the road... I knew it had to be something easy...

handtools 08-14-2016 09:08 AM

Re: 2000 EZGO 36v Solenoid replaced, still won't go
I want to thank the OP for reporting the fix for his issue. I wish more members would do the same as it helps the rest of us in troubleshooting our carts.

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