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BLTCushman 08-20-2016 04:25 PM

Alltrax XCT400 + Off the lot 2016 TXT = ???
I purchased a new EZGO Freedom TXT off the lot a few months ago. I have been reading around the forums and understand the basics in regards to series motors. Not familiar with SEPEX Motor and why Alltrax says new FN controller only works on carts made after Sept 2016 (what's different). Would appreciate understanding speed and torque changes from a simple controller swap and if the FN would work on my cart. Thanks

scottyb 08-20-2016 04:31 PM

Re: Alltrax XCT400 + Off the lot 2016 TXT = ???
What Alltrax means is for Ezgo Sepex carts the 2015 controls will not accept FN 2 or FNKS and you must use the late 2016 model CONTROL, not 2016 cart... FN2 works on all yr carts when fitted with the 2016 late model control. PS Late 2016 controls not yet available.

Hope this helps

BLTCushman 08-20-2016 06:26 PM

Re: Alltrax XCT400 + Off the lot 2016 TXT = ???
scottyb, Pleasure to get your input. Understand. Its controller not cart. available in Sept. Regardless of FN. What does 400A do to a sepex vs 300A? I understand in series it is more torque. Iif series need a new motor with winding if I want speed. Believe I understand that a sepex is essentially 2 electrical winding that repel vs a standard permanent magnet. So does the controller or the windings have the ability to adjust the current and create more RPM and or Torque?

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