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yurtle 12-16-2018 09:50 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Heck, for all I know, a smartphone will work. If the Toolbox has an app, it's just a USB connection, but may even be BlueTooth these days?

Ransom276 12-22-2018 05:32 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Ok so got my new reverse contactor switch in from Scotty b and let me tell you this thing is awesome!! Itís heavy and well built and I donít have no more lever to push back and fourth...now just flip the switch and go!! It was easy to install and hook up. Run the crap out of this cart probably 6 miles or so with no heating issues problems. Well did leave the reverse wire off to reduce speed and good god that thing would fly in reverse. I quickly installed that wire to reduce reverse speed. Donít recommend going without it!!! Yurtle Scotty B and all others that have replied thank you guys a bunch!! This site is the place to go for questions and answers.

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