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Ransom276 11-25-2018 07:27 PM

1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Hey guys Iím knew to the site. Been following a few years now. I hsve a 1998 txt that I completely rebuilt from ground up last year. Well over the past year I have had to replace f/r switches(3) solenoid (3) and controller (1). New motor was installed last year and just found out they sent a high speed motor. Itís a advanced motor and I checked the specs on it and itís only calls for upgrades 4 awg wire and high amp solenoid. I have since done this and cart runs great. My problem is when there is 3 adults and child on it it gets hot and cuts off. So my question is... is there a controller that will fix this problem or what do I need to do to make it 100 percent reliable. Driven on flat grounds with little to no hills. Also lifted with 23 inch tires and new batteries. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

yurtle 11-25-2018 07:33 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor

First tell us the following:

Drive type
Exact motor
Exact controller
What error codes are you getting from controller when it dies?

Ransom276 11-25-2018 08:34 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Hey thanks for the response.
36 volt AMD motor that is suppose to be stock replacement for oem (73124-G03)
Stock 3 terminal Curtis controller
4awg wire throughout cart
38.8 volts on battery pack.
I have buzzer disconnected so don’t no what code it’s thrown. The motor specs for the one I have is just saying upgrade wire and solenoid which I have done as well as F/R switch. Cools down and goes back to working

yurtle 11-25-2018 08:42 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Need drive type:

I'm guessing series. If so, a high speed motor, plus HUGE tires will never fly on stock controller.

We also need motor model number, since you said it was high speed.

Ransom276 11-25-2018 09:01 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
I’m sorry yes it is series. It is a part number 7122 on the motor itself. Brand is Nidec drive system. When I put that number in from where I purchased it it pulls up advanced AMD motor. Not sure if there one in the same or entirely different. It’s rated at 4 HP 4400 rpms

yurtle 11-25-2018 09:15 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Kewl. ScottyB at Carts Unlimited, a Site Sponsor, sold me everything in my sig.

He or others can recommend a good controller, as mine is "dated". A new controller can run at 36 volts now, and 48 if you decide to upgrade later. Your motor can take this just fine. Your motor's Hp is about half of mine, but I'm pretty sure it's a good bit more than stock AND bigger tires will need more amps.

With a series drive, volts = speed and amps = torque. With your bigger tires you traded torque for speed, AND it's pulling more amps than your stock controller can handle.

Can you tell us the make and model of your solenoid and where you bought your FNR?

Here's a link to ScottyB's website. It's a good place to read up on what each component does, and will help you figure out what you have vs. what you need to get it to do what you want.


How new are the batteries? If pretty new - a few months - one option could be to put one battery under the passenger side and another in the bag well, to go to 48 volts now.

Amps = heat, both for the motor and controller, so if you increase the voltage, you decrease the amperage, for the same amount of work (+\-).

yurtle 11-25-2018 09:42 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Forgot to mention, fewer amps is also easier on your solenoid and FNR, and as you mentioned, you've burned through three of those and one controller.

Have no fear. You've come to the right place.

Ransom276 11-25-2018 10:20 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
It’s a white Rogers type 586-117111. Its a fat round solenoid that goes on the oldest ezgo carts. I had read up and also talked to local ezgo dealer and he said that it would be heavy duty for what I had. The F/R switch is a factory ezgo replacement from same dealer. The ones I ordered before where the heavy duty ones and also harder to move them. It seems to be holding up better than the heavy duty ones I had previously used.

yurtle 11-25-2018 10:31 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Final question. Are all of your cables upgraded to 4 AWG or just the battery interconnects?

Ransom276 11-25-2018 10:41 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Yes sir I upgraded all wires last week to 4awg welding wire. From motor to controller and F/R switch. I feel like my controller is my issue. I guess what I’m trying to figure out is will a high amp controller resolve my problem or do I need to look at going to complete stock motor and just be slow. I love the speed it gives me put it has no torque whatsoever. Will a bigger controller give me any more torque? Thank you for helping this far!

Ransom276 11-25-2018 10:45 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
When I originally got the cart the motor was bad and I ordered what was suppose to be stock replacement. I have had several txt series carts in past lifted and but stock running gear and never had any issues. So I figured if I did it as it specified for the upgrades it would run it fine but I’m learning different. Lol

yurtle 11-25-2018 11:08 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
I would recommend a 400 to 500 amp controller.

From the specs I could find, your solenoid is rated for 100 amp continuous, 400 amps inrush. Someone else can answer this, but inrush is typically a very short event. Worst case, you drive it until it dies.

The next possible "bottleneck" is the FNR. Once you upgrade the controller, I'd recommend checking it for heat - which is what kills them - after driving fully loaded (passengers). I'd drive it a short distance, check, then gradually drive farther until you have driven a typical days worth of driving. Check each stud with an IR gun if you have one, or lick your finger and quickly touch each stud. This is also something you can drive until failure.

Go to the website I mentioned earlier, and read up. He has a lot of tutorials, and those of us who followed that guidance, don't end up buying and replacing things over and over.

Read up on what's available these days, as far as controllers. Personally, I'd just bite the bullet and buy controller, FNR or reversing contactor, and solenoid, as a package deal. Then you're done. If you ever plan on upgrading to 48 volts, ScottyB sells solenoids that will work at both voltages. Not sure about reversing contactors, but I bought his HD FNR, and it never gets the slightest bit warm, and I drive in a somewhat hilly place with four adults, two extra batteries, and a rear seat - which are equivalent to two thin adults.

BTW, I'm just a customer and not a paid cheerleader. :mrgreen:

Search this site and you'll see quite a number of endorsements.

Ransom276 11-25-2018 11:33 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Thanks for your help. I hsve already looked on that website and I’m going to check around some more. So far this F/R switch dosnt get hot. A little warm but no heating issues. I checked wires and everything I could even checked the controller to see if it was getting hot but could find any heating issues what so ever. Before I upgraded the wires and got it to what the motor specs suggested it was obvious what was heating up. Cables and everything in between lol. Thanks again!!

yurtle 11-25-2018 11:41 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
I've never heard of a series motor with any type of thermal protection, except for custom built. Nothing "off the shelf". More than likely, your controller is going to thermal shutdown. I never had that happen, but you have MUCH bigger tires than stock.

BobBoyce 11-25-2018 11:42 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
23" tires and a speed motor... Need I say more?

cgtech 11-25-2018 11:43 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
The stock "HD 400a" controller is notorious for doing the thermal shutdown. And it will only get worse (with this motor, or any other motor). Get a new 400, or 500a Alltrax controller and get on with it. Plan on a different motor for it. Stock controller does this even with street tires, so no surprise with your current configuration.

Ransom276 11-26-2018 08:27 AM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Thanks for the input guys!! I’m going to order a controller today. The cart runs 22 mph now will I pick up any more speed or torque?

bobbycason 11-26-2018 08:39 AM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor

Originally Posted by Ransom276 (Post 1562644)
Thanks for the input guys!! Iím going to order a controller today. The cart runs 22 mph now will I pick up any more speed or torque?

Just saw in the announcement section if you order one from ScottyB today for cyber Monday sale you get a free voltmeter.

cgtech 11-26-2018 09:54 AM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Probably a little torque, and it's adjustable to your liking for throttle feel and acceleration.

Ransom276 11-26-2018 01:33 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Ok so I have read what you guys have put out there for me and called and talked to several different dealers/technicians. I’m getting mixed reviews for the most part. I just spent about 400 bucks couple weeks ago and upgrade wire to 4aeg and heavy duty f/r switch’s a solenoid. Motor is less than year old. What I’m trying to figure out I guess if I go with the alltrax 500 amp I’m seeing it is asking for 2awg wire everything else to be upgraded as well. I’m not looking to get any faster just dependable and not having to spend another 1000 bucks as I have already spent that just replacing parts because I was sent the wrong motor to begin with. Will a 400 alltrax work with the setup I hsve now and be dependable. All it is used for is riding around leisurely on a big farm that is mostly flat land and on paths not in the corn rows or mud. Lol if I go with the 500 alltrax with the set up I have now will it be to much and burn up things. 23 inch tire rear back seat Nidec motor 4awg wire throughout cart. I think one of the guys in gear said my doleniode was rated at 100 amps but would do 400 inrush. Thanks

yurtle 11-26-2018 02:04 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
For me, the cost differential between 400 and 500 amp made the 500 a no brainer. Same with 2 vs. 4 AWG, though I made my own.

500 is about the point where, if you haven't already installed 4 AWG, you'd want 2. Check the price of 400 vs. 500 amps. I'm not sure which models have a fan, but I seem to recall several folks comparing a 400 + fan vs. 500, which includes the fan. Again, not sure this applies to series.

Good luck and keep us posted. However, if you feel like you have learned something here and it is a worthwhile place to visit year after year, you will get only the best advise, from literally thousands (TENS OF THOUSAND?) of hours experience. If you like the board, support the Site Sponsors. I've found their prices to be quite competitive, AND you'll get a lifetime of support here.

I'm the one who told you the solenoid specs. 100 continuous is adequate for me, as I have an ammeter/shunt and have confirmed this. You mileage may vary.

Ransom276 11-26-2018 03:59 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Thanks yurtle I have been emailing Scotty d and looks like I’m going with the 500. Going to place order today and hopefully get it on as soon as it comes in. Thanks again

Ransom276 11-27-2018 06:02 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
So I have ordered the alltrax 500 amp with the 400 amp solenoid. Hope to get it in and resolved the problem. Will post update soon

Ransom276 12-03-2018 05:28 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Ok guys so I got my new alltrax 48500 in today from Scotty B. Thanks Scotty for great customer service and super fast shipping!! Iím installing it right now but I hsve run into a snag!! Per alltrax instructions itís telling me to connect my M- to my A2. Well as my cart is sitting and have the factory cable that come off of it... itís M- to A1. Thatís how it is right now and what is on the factory cable that I took off few weeks ago!! Can anyone explain to me why itís different. Is it a typo or does the wires need to be changed according to alltrax?

yurtle 12-03-2018 05:35 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
I don't know what you're looking at, as my series is dated, but there are more than one way to wire a series, and ALL are perfectly acceptable. Don't mix and match, but pick one and follow it.

If you are using a wiring diagram from ScottyB, DO THAT, so if you run into issues, you'll at least be talking off the same baseline.

JohnnieB 12-03-2018 06:38 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
1 Attachment(s)
I take it you are installing a SR48500.

If so use the attached schematic from Alltrax. (Controller M- connects to motor A1)

I've not seen an Alltrax schematic showing M- connected to A2, can you post a picture of it?

Ransom276 12-03-2018 07:12 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Thanks for the quick response. My alltrax diagram that came with the controller is saying use M- to A2. My cart was wired as it is still on the wire in my hand as I’m typing this was label M-to A1. That was the factory cable that came off the cart. It was working like that so just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a wireing typo. That diagram Johnny b sent is exact one I have.

Ransom276 12-03-2018 07:14 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Well got it going in forward and reverse. So it still works. Going to get it off jake stands and see how it does. Thanks for everybody’s help!!

yurtle 12-03-2018 07:46 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::mrgreen::mrgr een:

Ransom276 12-03-2018 07:57 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Ok so I got it out and run it for about 20 mins pretty hard. Only thing that is heating up is cables and F/R switch. Took it up a hill and throw and small dichroic nothing muddy but just trying to see if it would kick out. It kept pulling. Speed is the same and I did gain some torque. So all and all I’m satisfied with it but I think I will have to upgrade wires and switch sometime in the future

Ransom276 12-03-2018 07:58 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Yurtle if everything is sized right should there be any heating issues? My wires are they going to heat uo some?

cgtech 12-03-2018 08:19 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Should be just above ambient if the wires are proper size. Stock F&R is inadequate

Ransom276 12-03-2018 08:31 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Thanks. They are warm to the touch. I can hold them and put my hand on the f/r switch’s stud terminals. It’s suppose to be heavy duty but I ordered on line and I thinks it’s elcheapo China made.

Ransom276 12-10-2018 11:32 AM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Cart runs great. Can anyone help me out on the light statues or blink codes? Blinks green 4 times when pedal pushed then solid green till wide open throttle and turns solid red. 4 blinks is its throttle for ezgo and solid red is programming mode according to manual. What should it be? Is it learning and adjusting at wide open throttle or is something else going on?

Ransom276 12-16-2018 06:34 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Ok guys got reversing switch on the way from Scotty b. Also got 2 gauge wire Iím going to put on it when I get switch in. Question though. Fully charged and charger cuts off and wait for them to settle around 12 hours batteries read 38.4. Ok I can go down high way flat roads around here and the pack drops to 34.3. Ok is that a common pack voltage on ezgo with lift kit and 23 inch rims and rear back seat. Have upgraded controller and motor on it. Just curious what is a common ground on pack voltage under load. Also all batteries read level across pack so I canít find a week one and they are less than year old power trons

yurtle 12-16-2018 07:05 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
I assume you mean 23" tires and not rims? Actual diameter will vary, and must be measured.

Lift does NOTHING, but your 23" tires do, as far as voltage drop. How much weight you're carrying (rear seat, passengers?), slope of hill you're climbing, speed, which affects rolling resistance of tires (street or offroad, PSI) brake drag - if any - age of batteries, type motor, etc. ALL affect voltage drop.

Without rereading what you have, the better cables and reversing contactors will help some, especially since you stated you have above ambient temp on some of those items.

The best way to see if you're seeing a reasonable voltage drop is to know the amperage. Do a datalog and post it.

70oldsracer 12-16-2018 07:34 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by JohnnieB (Post 1564897)
I take it you are installing a SR48500.

If so use the attached schematic from Alltrax. (Controller M- connects to motor A1)

I've not seen an Alltrax schematic showing M- connected to A2, can you post a picture of it?

This is the one I used from Alltrax and it shows M- connected to A2

Ransom276 12-16-2018 07:46 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Yes I meant to say tires. Yurtle how or what do you want me to post as far as a data log? I’m assuming voltages but any particular way I need to get them or different times to check the voltage?

yurtle 12-16-2018 07:54 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Plug a laptop into your controller and use the Alltrax Toolkit, which you can download, then drive for a short distance, and tell us if there are any hills, passengers, etc.

Folks a LOT smarter than me can look at the data the controller feeds your laptop, and determine whether your voltage drop - which is what you asked about - seems reasonable.

Need battery type and age.

All the other "crap" I mentioned were merely things that affect how hard you're pushing your cart, which affects voltage drop.

Ransom276 12-16-2018 09:46 PM

Re: 1998 ezgo txt high speed motor
Shoot I don’t own a laptop now a days. Lol. Smart phone is all I got. I will see if I can borrow one from a buddy. Thanks and I will keep you posted!!

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