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JohnnieB 05-06-2019 08:05 PM

Re: EZGO TXT 96 DCS 36v to 48v Battery Tray
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Originally Posted by Imapled (Post 1612050)
Actually don't know how to count the lids and what I should be looking for on the batteries. Researching now. Thanks for the tip!

Ok, educated myself. :) 4 caps (8v) vs 3 caps (6v). Gotcha.

All lead-acid batteries consist of a number of 2V cells connected in series and packed in a box. The storage capacity of the 2V cells is pretty much determined by the square footage of the lead plates and the concentration of the acid. Roughly the same strength acid is used in all deep-cycle wet-cells and 6V (3 cell) and 8V (4 cell) are packed in roughly the same sized box, so the cells used for 8V batteries are about 3/4 the size of those used in 6V batteries.

When battery packs of different voltages are compared, watt-hours are used, so the battery pack voltage is multiplied by the AH of storage. The standard 36V battery pack has six 6V-225AH for 8100 watt-hours and 48V pack using six 8V-170AH has 8160 watt-hours, so for a run-time about the same as the standard 36V pack, go with six 170AH-8V batteries.

Attached is a chart of various 8V batteries.
You may have different brands of golf cart batteries up north, so just pick a battery with a similar AH rating (at the 20hr rate) to see where it stacks up.

BuggyGoodie 08-28-2019 06:45 PM

Re: EZGO TXT 96 DCS 36v to 48v Battery Tray
Great information

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