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JayWalk 05-11-2019 01:48 PM

PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
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Good day all,

I would like to start by stating that any help provided is greatly appreciated in advance. I would also like to note that I have spent 6 hours researching this site but have yet to understand the issue. Regardless to still being down, you guys really know your stuff!!! This is the third golf cart I have built and I have never been this stuck! pictures of all three attached. (1st - 89 marathon, 2nd - 04 txt, current 93 marathon)

PROBLEM - 1993 EZGO Marathon - Attempting to have it done by fathers so I can give it to my dad. I cannot get the cart to move at all. Solenoid clicks when I turn the key put does not move.

WORK DONE SO FAR - You will laugh now as i cry. Replaced all batteries, replaced "pot", replaced controller, replaced F&R switch. replaced ALL wiring.
Have tried 4 solenoids. All results the same.

ADDITIONAL INFO - The Solenoid has 36+ volts at both big terminals and at the small terminal that connects to pot. Is it possible to put a solenoid on upside down? Have EVERY wiring diagram you guys have served up for the marathon.

I have new EVERYTHING for ths cart. (seats, fender caps, spike guards, brush guard front and rear, rims and tires, and just vinyl wrapped the whole cart. (Again for fathers day gift) this is all fine and dandy and it will be sweet once complete but worthless as I cannot make it move. Pretty sucky feeling since I have had success with EZGOs in the past.

Thanks again for any advise.

chrisr32 05-11-2019 06:23 PM

Re: PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
Did you check to see if you have voltage at the motor?

Mooncarter 05-11-2019 06:28 PM

Re: PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
I'm not that familiar with those carts, but are you sure the solenoid is supposed to click when you turn the key on?

Mooncarter 05-11-2019 06:30 PM

Re: PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
:sign3: to BGW.

And I can assure you all hope is not lost.

JayWalk 05-11-2019 06:43 PM

Re: PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
Thanks guys.

So much has been done it was hard to sum up in the original post.

I have not checked power at the motor or controller because Im really not sure what I am looking for. I should not that the solenoid DOES in fact click when I turn the key. It DOES NOT click when i press the pedal. Thats why I asked if there is a possibility that I have it upside down. The writing on the solenoid is in the right orientation. (NOT UPSIDE DOWN) One of the big post on the solenoid is marked "Batt" I have that running to the controller, not the main B+ from the pack. The reason for this is to keep the verbiage on the solenoid facing right side up.

I have 36V at all micro switches throughout including F&R and on the ped.

Thanks again for the advise and suggestions.

JayWalk 05-11-2019 06:59 PM

Re: PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
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Here are a few pictures of the solenoid, controller and F&R switch. I just tried to switch the wires from the pot to the F&R switch but no difference. Solenoid doesn't click when pedal is pressed.

JohnnieB 05-11-2019 07:50 PM

Re: PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
You have two problems, first the solenoid clicks when key is turned on, second cart doesn't move when pedal is pushed.

1. Control wiring looks okay, so I suspect pedal switch is out of adjustment mechanically. Yellow wire to solenoid's small terminal is on the NC contact as it should be, but with pedal up, the lever on the switch ought to be pushed by the lever attached to the bell-crank attached to the rod from the pedal, which opens the NC contacts. (Or the pedal switch is bad, but it looks new)

2. With solenoid contacts closed (IE having B+ on both big terminals), the battery is connected to controller and motor, so either the B+ isn't getting to motor, or controller isn't passing B- to it via the MOSFETs within the controller.

Connect DVM between the controller's B- and M- terminals and you ought to have full battery pack voltage (38.2V when fully charged) when solenoid contacts are closed and pedal is at or near top of travel.

If you don't, there is an open in the high current cables, contacts or connections. F/R switch is the usual suspect.

If you do and pressing pedal doesn't make motor turn, check the throttle input to controller. About 0Ω pedal up and about 5,000Ω pedal down.

Also, the controller appears to be a Curtis 1204M. are you sure it is programmed for a 0-5KΩ pot box?

JayWalk 05-11-2019 09:02 PM

Re: PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
Johnnie B......Ive been waiting for you! LMAO!!!!!!

You and Scotties post on other threads is what Ive used so far to trouble shoot. Ill be home in an hour or so and I will run through your suggested steps.

As far as the controller is concerned.....it was purchased from "golfcartking" and was a direct replacement for my year cart. I automatically "assumed" <- we all know what happens when we do that- > that the controller would be a direct plug and play replacement.

Mooncarter 05-11-2019 11:55 PM

Re: PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
Y'all ain't gonna believe this but I bought a 1994 Marathon today. Has exact same issues. Solenoid clicks on with key (if in F or R) and no go. Following and will help if I can but JB is the man here for this.

JayWalk 05-12-2019 03:36 AM

Re: PLEASE HELP. All hope lost. Marathon
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Congrats on the new cart moon! Hopefully we can both find solutions soon.

When I got home tonight I went out and checked some voltage. Attached are pictures of the results for the F&R micro switches, solenoid, controller, and pot. Below are the results for other areas.

F&R SWITCH LARGE POST - All read 38.4v key on or off
MOTOR TERMINALS - All read 38.4v key on or off

Since I had it apart I switcher around the small wires from the pot on both the controller and microswitch. I got the same results. Solenoid clicked when key is turned but not when pedal is pushed.

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