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cartboy 06-26-2010 06:26 PM

RXV Auto-Brake Problem III
Well, it's been almost a year since:


We have one cart that has the auto-brake lockup problem, and it just started doing it.

It either did not get the new solenoid (EZGo did not give us records of the ones they replaced), or a new, replacement solenoid is failing. Based on the cart #, I'm leaning toward the former, that it still has the original solenoid.

rabbitreborn 06-26-2010 11:41 PM

Re: RXV Auto-Brake Problem III

Originally Posted by cartboy (Post 421462)
EZGo did come by today, to switch out the solenoids in our entire fleet. I did my best to get the technical explanation some seem to need, and it goes like this.

In your previous topic you said that.... now you are saying that there were some that were not replaced?

I assume you have already turned in a request for service to your local Branch/Dealership ? Can you please take a pic of the solenoid on the failed cart BEFORE they change the solenoid as well as a pic of it AFTER they change the solenoid?

cartboy 07-06-2010 05:22 PM

Re: RXV Auto-Brake Problem III
Another one has locked up, and, again, a cart # that suggests it might not have gotten the replacement solenoid.

Our dealer (not the EZ Go rep) was by and confirmed that both carts have the original one. He is to be back this week and put new ones in, so I don't know if I will get pics or not (I'm off tomorrow).

In talking to him, others have not had the problem, and we think it is because we have a very hilly course. & maybe heat is a factor.

gornoman 07-06-2010 05:52 PM

Re: RXV Auto-Brake Problem III
If heat is a factor, there will be failures in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, etc.

rabbitreborn 07-06-2010 10:47 PM

Re: RXV Auto-Brake Problem III
Actually I called in some favors to talk to people about this issue and I learned a few interesting things regarding the RXV.....

Yes, there is an issue with the RXV solenoids, but changing them out does seem to correct that issue.

There is also another issue related to the original RXV's that were released whereby the lights (factory installed to draw from 1 battery) can actually cause the cart to stop dead. It has something to do with the RXV Controller being hyper sensitive to the total pack voltage and when the lights are left on (or just used ALOT) they tend to kill that 1 battery and cause all kinds of havoc with the running of the cart.... This seems to have been resolved in later models where E-Z-GO now installs a voltage reducer that draws from the total pack.... Actually a really nice reducer if you ask me...

Also (and this one is REALLY important for used cart dealers as well as private owners), when E-Z-GO designed the software for this controller, they did so with Golf Courses in mind. What this means to the private user is that the cart was designed to basically shut down after about 12 miles worth of running. Considering the AC motor in this cart should do at least 30-40 miles on a charge, this is a huge OOPS on E-Z-GO's part (The Villages is the largest Golf Car Community in the world and those folks are spitting mad over this one....). On the good side, E-Z-GO has rewrote the software for the RXV for use in the private field, on the downside, you have to get a RXV MASTER TECH to install the software update (or have access to one of their diagnostic handheld tools and a VERY good friend that works for the company and is willing to get you the updated software).

scottyb 07-06-2010 11:03 PM

Re: RXV Auto-Brake Problem III
Ez come, Ez Oops! :mrgreen:

gornoman 07-07-2010 08:51 AM

Re: RXV Auto-Brake Problem III
They are, after all, golf carts.

rabbitreborn 07-07-2010 07:48 PM

Re: RXV Auto-Brake Problem III

Originally Posted by gornoman (Post 424799)
They are, after all, golf carts.

Agreed, but if you market something as being capable of 30-40 miles on a single charge, it should actually have the programming to allow it lmao......

cartboy 07-08-2010 07:54 PM

Re: RXV Auto-Brake Problem III
Our dealer happened to come by today, and he was only able to come up with one new solenoid.

As to taking pictures, he said there is no way to tell the defective ones from the replacement ones. He knew ours needed replacing because it was still hard wired, and we/they knew it had a defective solenoid (at some point they stopped using the defective ones).

I meant to say before that last week he said the 2010 models will not have some of the autobrake problems the 2008s and 2009s have had associated with them, and he mentioned the groaning noise from the autobrake when you accelerate (and it releases).

I mentioned heat before as a combination of that generated by climate and hills (hot and hilly v. hot and flat) . . . hills causing frequent application of the autobrake. The thing about the autobrake is that even if you are accelerating downhill, it will be engaged to varying degrees, to prevent runaway.

cartboy 07-20-2010 10:30 PM

Re: RXV Auto-Brake Problem III
We've got a couple carts that are just locking up and stopping . . . I was on one the other day. Turn the key off and back on, and off you go. It has the new solenoid, so who knows?

I miss that little meter I had when I worked with Club Cars, so you could check out battery information, like if it got a full charge.

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