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redeye59 10-12-2010 05:25 AM

winter storage
Hi everybody, sorry that I haven't had the time to chat for awhile work has been good for the last 2 mos. and I'm sure you all know that you have to grab it while it's here. Say I have a question for anybody. Last year I removed the batteries from my 76 36 v and kept it outside for the WI winter. It seems that everybody has their own knowledge of storing batteries outside in the freezing cold. So I guess that I'm a little unsure of which bit of advice to take. Can I store them in the cart outside without the danger of freezing. Or is there any tips that somebody could share to prevent that? Or do I do it like I did last yr.I just replaced all the batt. this last spring and would like to keep them for awhile,I tried storing the whole cart in the garage yr. before, but I really got tired of walking around everything. Thanks guys . Sorry I have to rush off to work now ,be back on tonight or tomorrow.

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