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Jeff D 05-14-2011 10:57 PM

Electric to gas conversion
I just bought a 96' electric txt ezgo. I have 2 other gas carts (yamaha, shuttlecraft) The honda gx250 is a great motor in the shuttlecraft. The ezgo needs batteries and thats gonna be about $600. I can get a new gx250 gas motor for $350. I was wondering if it's a better idea or possible to convert this to a gas motor. Is there a kit or something somewhere(throttle, choke, gas tank, rear axle, etc...)? I am a mechanic/Tech and can see it possible but wondered if there is anyone that has done this before that can point me in the right direction for parts, etc...

scottyb 05-14-2011 11:44 PM

Re: Electric to gas conversion
Welcome to bgw. The general consensus is don't do it. You will be into the conversion more than the cost of batteries and if it ever does run, (many never do), it will be underpowered. You are better off selling what you got and buying a gas cart.

Quinn 05-15-2011 12:17 AM

Re: Electric to gas conversion
I Agree with Scotty, by the time your done with it those batteries would have been a wise investment.

Jeff D 05-15-2011 03:53 PM

Re: Electric to gas conversion
Thanks guys. It looks like it would be quite a project. No worse than my 56' Chevy Bel-Air restoration but that's worth a lot more $. I got a price of $90 each for Trojans. Before I buy them I need to make sure thats all thats majorly wrong with it. I found the thread that had dcs.pdf by PGGroves that I am gonna run through today. The Batteries are only at 27v but would think it should try to run at least. We'll see and thanks again for this forum.
Jeff D

DOOmsman 05-15-2011 05:18 PM

Re: Electric to gas conversion


Jeff D 05-15-2011 11:19 PM

Re: Electric to gas conversion
I know the batteries are junk. They all had no water in them and had sat for years when I got it. I filled them up and one just leaks out the bottom of one cell, probably froze in the winter. I can't believe I even get the 27v from the pack.

I just wanted to be sure the motor, charger and controller were OK. I did have concerns because the charger wouldn't come on by itself. I could short out the relay and it would come on and charge after holding the short for a couple seconds. The previous owner had taken it apart and removed the charge board. They also let it sit out in the snow and rain for several years. I found some cold solder joints and resoldered them.

I messed with the charge connector on the cart today and the magnetic reed switch was jammed or something cause' when I removed it and put it back in, the charger came on by itself, like it's supposed to. Awsome cause' I don't have to buy a charger.

Then I pulled the charger and the cart motor tried to move it forward with the pedal, so the motor did kick. Cool. Reverse didn't though. Maybe the diode is bad or just really bad batteries.I will get new batteries this week.

Thanks Again.

shadowman 05-16-2011 07:26 AM

Re: Electric to gas conversion
reverse is 1/2 speed so its no surprise it didn,t work i,m surprised that it even tried to move with 27 volts...............as for going to gas by the time your done you can buy 2 sets of batteries so i have to agree stay electric and spend the money you save on juicing it up nothing better than a stealth cart that does 25 mph without making a sound..............lol................have fun...............8)

Jeff D 06-05-2011 04:10 PM

Re: Electric to gas conversion
2 Attachment(s)
Well, for the EZ-go, got new batteries (trojan) $690, Used roof $40, Good used windshield Free, Brake pads Free, lighting kit w/brakes $100. $907 w/tax. Runs/Looks good but brakes need more adjustment.
Sucks cause 2 wheel lugs are stripped and 2 missing so can't get to the brakes to adjust them. No big deal except getting them off to replace them. Beat one off with a sledge hammer but dented up the rim good and I don't want to damage the spindle.
Here's 2 pics, the EZ-Go and The Yamaha.

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