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Unread 07-03-2008, 08:46 PM   #1
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Default 2000 E-Z-GO PDS Direction Problem

I have a 2000 EZGO PDS that is acting strange. When I toggle the F/R switch to forward the beeper beeps as if the cart is in reverse and the cart moves slowly forward, but does occassionally excellerate. When I toggle the F/R switch to reverse, the beeper stops and the carts go backwards sometimes real fast a nd some times slowly, as it should.

When I try to get the cart in diagnostic mode, I don't get any codes. Then, occassionally I get a 3-2 code indicating the solenoid is weldly closed. I changed the solenoid and that didn't help.

Occassionally, the cart operates as it should, but then quickly goes back to the erractic behavior. A friend of mine said he is pretty sure it is the controller, so I have ordered a controller, but just have a gut feeling the controller is not the issue.

Anybody ever have this issue????

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Unread 07-08-2008, 09:10 PM   #2
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Location: North Carolina
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Default Re: 2000 E-Z-GO PDS Direction Problem

Got some good information....

New controller came in. I installed it and as my gut had thought, it did not resolve the problem(s). So, I retraced the steps I had gone through and when I had exhausted what little I knew about this type cart, I took it to a local "golf cart tech". He checked it and said the wiring looked ok and said the controller was erratic. That is where I messed up and didn't check it myself. however, I had not read all the good information or looked at the drawings on BGW very closely, yet.

Once the new controller had the same symptoms, I decided it had to be something in the wiring, since the cart runs in both directions, but everything just seemed backwards. Pulled up the E-Z-GO service manual via the link provided on BGW's home page and sure enough when I looked at the wiring to the motor it was backwards. The A1 wire was on the A2 motor terminal and the A2 wire was on the A1 motor terminal. That is what produced the fast in reverse and the reverse beep and slow speed in forward, symptoms. Of course, I toggled the Run/Tow Maintenance to Tow Maintememance and removed the battery connections before making the changes.

I did a sanity check (and some people would say a no-no) and put the old controller back on. The cart worked, but the speed was a little slower and occassionally I got the 3-2 beep code that I had gotten erratically before, indicating the solenoid is welded. So, although I think it would have settled out, I put the new controller back on and will use the old one as a backup.

So, after not knowing a thing about a PDS cart, this little journey has given me and a few others around here a little education. Bottom-line, do like ole Ross Perot said, "measure twice and cut once", application in this arena meaning, check the wiring at least twice and don't take someone else's word. Seems on these type carts the "fix all" is replace the controller and go from there. Respect others' opinions and input, but before you cough up the cash fro a new controller, get a second opinion and verify by checking yourself.

Anyway, the rebuilt controller was $175 and the new solennoid was $20, so I have spent $195 ( tech didn't charge me anything to diagnose, thank goodness) and learned a lot. Now I have $695 in a 2000 model cart with a nice Power Wise charger, a lot of new knowledge, educated a few local repair people (including my golf cart shop buddy that got me the controller) and found out about this site, so not a bad deal.

Still haven't found out what the resistor is for that is across the solenoid terminals, but I was told most people just leave them off. My electronics background tells me it is some sort of spark arrestor for the current carrying contacts in the solenoid, but I would like to know for sure, if anybody out there knows for sure.

Thanks to BGW for all the GREAT! info and diagrams. I will be an avid reader and hopefully can "give back" as a contributor if someone has a problem I can help with. If anybody wants to talk about basic electronics, I am fairly good with that. If anybody wants to contact me directly via telephone, e-mail me at and I will give you my number and you can call or I can call you, as I have unlimited calling. It is difficult sometimes typing back and forth on here. Some things get lost in the interpretation....I am real bad at typos....

Thanks everyone...

Butch in NC

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