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Unread 11-24-2012, 11:04 AM   #1
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Default 96 TXT upgrade path

Hi all,
I've been reading through all of the sections gaining some wisdom from you guys and finally feel smart enough to ask my first question:

I just picked up a 1996 TXT with series motor and factory Power Wise 36v charger for $400. It appears to be bone stock. I bought a fresh pack of Trojan T-105's earlier this week. I have began treating them right as per the info on Scottyb's site. I get 38.6v after a fresh charge and it settles in to 38.2. The individual batteries are all within .1v so all is good there. I have new 4ga cables on the batteries, but have not touched the other factory cables that go to/from the controller/motor etc.

I can pull out of my driveway and go about 200-300 yds and the cart slows way down and reads 37.7v on my DVM so I know that something is putting a huge strain on this new pack. After nursing the cart back to the house, none of my cables or F&R switch feels hot or even warm. The controller housing is very hot though, so could I assume that this is where the problem is? I do plan on upgrading the controller no matter what.

I want to make sure that I don't start just slinging cash at this cart for nothing so I want to have a plan. I called ScottyB last night but it was late and I missed him so I thought that I would ask here too! I plan on ordering from ScottyB since I'm getting an education from him on this forum!

I would like to upgrade the drivetrain to be healthy and long lasting for lots of neighborhood rides, and the some trail rides. Both types of rides will be in very hilly areas. I have purchased a new Mid-rise lift kit from EZGO which gives me front and rear springs and rear shocks. It's sagging badly now so this was much needed. I plan to add a 6" drop axle lift and 22x11x12 wheel/tire combo as well as a rear seat.
I'm thinking seriously about upgrading to 48v for 30% more speed/torque and less heat but will likely need to wait until after the first of the year due to a shopping list for 3 birthdays, Christmas and an anniversary!

All that to ask this question:
Is this the best upgrade path? In this order?

Alltrax non-programmable 400 amp controller 36/48v
HD Selenoid for 36/48V
2 ga complete cable set
HD F&R Switch

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Unread 11-24-2012, 12:16 PM   #2
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Default Re: 96 TXT upgrade path

Where there is heat, there is a problem.

My guess is the the high current cables you have yet to Touch/replace are 6Ga and have been exposed to the elements for over 16 years.

Could be the controller getting hot internally, or it could be a bad cable or dirty connections at the big terminals on the controller.

My suggestion is to do the first four items on your bucket list first and at the same time. They all have total current flowing through them, so the part(s) you don't replace become weak link(s) in the series chain and will soon fail.

Make it run right and then make it pretty.

Your top speed with stock height tires (18") is about 12MPH unless you are losing voltage in the cables and connections.
With 22" tires, your top speed will approach 15MPH, but you will loose about 18% in torque.
The 400A controller will regain the lost torque, but the only way to get more speed with a series motor is more voltage.

The NPX400A will operate from 36 to 48 volts, so you are okay there if you decide to up the voltage.
However 200A/400A-Peak solenoid is voltage specific, so you will have to change solenoids to change voltage.
Suggest you consider the Super Heavy Duty 400A/1000A-Peak solenoid that will operate at both 36V and 48V and anything in between.

Also, was the 37.7V while the cart was being driven or about 10 Minutes after the cart stopped?
The battery pack voltage drops under load and recovers after the electrolyte equalizes.
If you have a dash mounted DVM, try not to load batteries below 1.75V per cell (31.5V fo a 36V pack) and never go down to 1.5VPC unless you have to get out of the valley after the levee breaks.
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