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Unread 12-27-2013, 01:58 AM   #1
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Default Possible upgrades in the near future, could use some advice!

So I have a 2006 ezgo pds with 22in tires and a 4 inch lift and a backseat. My barriers are just about shot and I will be buying a new pack in the near future. I am a little curious about possibly doing a 48v conversion. Does anyone have any experience doing this with a ezgo pds?

On another note I am also looking into possibly replacing my stock motor and controller. I would like to gain a fair amount of speed and more torque. I realize I will have to sacrifice one, but is there a particular setup (controller, motor, and solenoid) that may be the best choice for torque and speed?

I have a small trailer that I use to pull things around the house and I know I need more torque to pull that thing. I also would like enough torque to able to launch and pull up my dual stand up jetski trailer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: Possible upgrades in the near future, could use some advice!

Since you are considering a 48v conversion and want more torque just upgrade the controller to one that will accept 48v down the road. You can still run it on 36v and you will gain a tone of torque and some speed also. You will not regret a controller upgrade in a pds.

Give Scottyb a call, he will get you started.
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Default Re: Possible upgrades in the near future, could use some advice!

My goal was range rather than torque or speed, but I got all three.

Oddly enough, just upgrading to an aftermarket controller that doesn't use a motor speed sensor with up the speed on stock height (18") tires from about 19MPH to about 24MPH, and if you go with a controller than passes more amps than stock (300A), you will also gain torque.

Mathematically, your 22" tires will up the speed by about 20% over stock height tires, at the expense of loosing about 20% of the stock torque, but if they are low pressure tires, the speed gain will be lower and the torque loss higher.

With 22" tires and four seats and pulling things, I'd go with a 500A controller.
Also, the stock high current cables need to be replaced. 4Ga minimum for all 10 of them. If you go with 8V batteries, be sure to get the five cables that connect the batteries in series long enough. The terminal on 8V batteries are both on the same side, so stock length cables are too short.

Upping the pack voltage will also up torque and speed.
A 48V pack made from 8V-170AH batteries has roughly the same run-time as the stock 36V pack made from 6V-225AH batteries. More run-time can be obtained by using higher AH 8V batteries.

For Max run-time, use eight 6V batteries rather than six 8V batteries.
I split the difference and used seven 6V-245AH batteries for 42V pack and get about 28MPH on 18.3" tires and have a range from about 30 to 35 miles depending on how heavy my foot is. And I almost have more torque than I need. (You can never have too much. )

If you plan on running 36V for the time being and going to a higher pack voltage later, get the Super-Duty Solenoid (400A/1000A) from Scottyb, it works at 36V, 42V and 48V, so you don't have to change the solenoid when you change the voltage.

Most of all, figure out what you want the cart to do, study the options and build towards that goal.
The text at the top of this webpage gives a pretty good overview of the things to take into consideration:
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controller, motor, solenoid, speed, torque
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