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konakid 09-26-2014 05:00 AM

Do I Have A Brake Problem?
I had an EZGO that just gave up the ghost and went to part heaven at a dealer. I just got a used PDS cart with a NCX controller.

I thought I was told this had regen brakes. But in any case, when I go down a hill the cart acts like it is freewheeling, and starts picking up speed so fast that it is "sorta" hard to stop. Nothing like the cart I just junked.

I can lock up the rear wheel on my dirt driveway, but I am going to have more muscles in my right leg if I use this cart a lot. And the wife may have trouble making a panic stop if necessary. But it seems like the brakes are really going to be wearing out fast, because I live on a hill. And I'm really leaning on 'em as I go down not that steep of a hill.

Any feedback will be welcome. But I guess my question is - are these carts supposed to "run wild" when coasting downhill - with no resistance at all? The other one didn't do that to this extent.

cgtech 09-26-2014 09:55 AM

Re: Do I Have A Brake Problem?
Too bad you got the non-programmable "ncx" version. Had you spent the extra money on the programmable "dcx", you would have full control over "pedal-up regen braking". It does sound like your brakes could also use a "clean & adjust".

scottyb 09-26-2014 09:57 AM

Re: Do I Have A Brake Problem?
Use Ausco Cable disc brake kit #2017
You will get HD rear hubs and disc braking. :thumbup:

JohnnieB 09-26-2014 10:17 AM

Re: Do I Have A Brake Problem?
The NCX does have regen braking capabilities, but I don't know if it is turned on or not, or what the the level is set to if it is, and the NCX is not user programmable. You might be able to contact Alltrax and find out how your serial number was programmed, but I don't know for sure about that.

I ran a DCX400 with a stock PDS motor at 36V for a while and the regen braking would take the cart from about 24 MPH down to about 15 MPH PDQ, so I seldom touched the mechanical brakes above 15 MPH. IIRC, my cart would "coast" downhill at about 20 MPH on the steeper hills in this area, which was about the same as it did with a stock PDS controller in the mild hill mode.

What height tires do you have on the cart? With stock height (18") and a little bit taller, you ought to be able to lock the back tires on pavement.

The brakes are self adjusting, but you have to do it a certain way.

Take it up to cruising speed and do a panic stop, except take tour foot off the pedal before the cart stops. (Be careful not to set the parking brake when you push hard on the pedal.)

The procedure is given in the manuals I posted a link to in the other thread.

You may have to repeat the procedure several time to get the brakes fully adjusted.

konakid 09-26-2014 04:33 PM

Re: Do I Have A Brake Problem?
Thanks for the feedback guys. My first cart purchase turned out to be a disaster - it's in the graveyard now after a year. And where I live the selection for new and used carts is slim and expensive (Big Island, Hawaii).

But I had to have a cart, so I bought this one for me to use for the year or more it may take me to find a good deal - and get one that I won't mind putting some money into with what I am learning here. (Scottyb, I did see the good reviews on your disk brake kit - when I get my "keeper cart" that sounds like the plan since I live on the side of this volcano - either always up hill, or down, no in-between)

But, back to the brakes. As to the adjustments. To me it almost feels like the front brakes are not doing any of the work. That is why I have to push so hard. Believe it or not, I have no level asphalt within miles of my place (and none on my property), so that test/adjustment is problematic, but doable.

As mentioned, I can get the back brakes to lock up on my "hard packed" driveway - but it almost feels like the old days as a kid when I would lock up the back brake on my bike and make a long skid to impress the girls. :) Is that adjustment thing still the path to take first? Might it help the front brakes if what I am feeling is the case? I am going to guess that I will have to press super hard to lock anything up on pavement. BTW - these are 18" wheels.

Question(s) - is it possible the regen braking is just turned off? Is there an off and on with this controller. And is it normal for a cart to just "free wheel" when going downhill with no resistance whatsoever? It just wants to take off. When ever I am on even the slightest downhill, I have to lean on the brakes. I can't imagine them lasting long at all where I live.

JohnnieB 09-26-2014 05:19 PM

Re: Do I Have A Brake Problem?
The cart does not have front brakes.

I suspect you meant the tire are 18", so the wheels are most likely 8". In other words, stock tires and wheels.

The first bad news is that a NCX controller has to be programmed at the factory and I don't know if they will do it or not.

You can e-mail them with the controllers serial number and ask if the regen braking can be turned on if you sent it back to them.

The second bad news is, if you do have 8" rims, the aftermarket dick brakes wonk fit.


Try the brake adjusting procedure I posted on the hard packed driveway.

Also the manuals in the link I posted have brake inspection and cleaning procedures in them.


Your terrain sounds similar to mine. I can drive in a complete circle and be going uphill all the way. :lol:

cgtech 09-26-2014 09:08 PM

Re: Do I Have A Brake Problem?
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If you have giant 18" automobile rims (golf cart donk), you will need to invest in a front brake kit for the cart. The stock brakes will never be enough for those wheels. Does your golf cart by chance look anything like this?

kgsc 09-27-2014 08:24 AM

Re: Do I Have A Brake Problem?
Kona, another option is just to buy a replacement DCX Alltrax you can program and sell your NCX. Or keep it and put it back in when you find your ideal cart.

konakid 09-27-2014 04:27 PM

Re: Do I Have A Brake Problem?
OOPs - I am reveling my lack of knowledge again. :) But I'm a fast learner. They are stock 18" tires - so 8" wheels. :) And, knowing there are no front brakes confirms what I am experiencing. (never to old to learn)

So, if anybody is still with me, and based on the info and suggestions you all have been nice enough to offer.......

The cart I just sold to the dealer for parts (and the only cart I have to compare my experiences with) was an EZGO as well - but it was something like an RVX, was 48 volt, and had that auto brake when stopped feature. And it apparently had regen braking, because it wouldn't take off going downhill. Stock wheels and tires. Buts that's all I know about it at this point.

So ---
1) Is there any chance I should try and buy back my old controller? Or does the voltage and auto brake feature make it inappropriate for my needs?
2) Buying a "good" controller, and using it for a newer cart when one becomes available, sounds like a plan. If I purchase a new one, what should I consider? Is getting a DCX the only thing to worry about? And if I can find a used one, is that something to risk - and again, what should I look for - or look out for?
3) Am I making too big of a deal out of this? I can live with going ultra-slow downhill, while leaning on the brakes. But will my fear that I will be burning through brakes on a regular basis turn into reality? And would a new controller help enough in that regard to be worthwhile anyway?
4) I was told from the dealer, who sold this cart used to the guy I bought it from, that it had regen braking. Is it possible it is just turned off (and I could turn on), or broken? Is there any way to check or confirm (without contacting Alltrax) ? I can't imagine, with the way it feels, that there is any regen going on at all.

JohnnieB 09-27-2014 04:46 PM

Re: Do I Have A Brake Problem?
1. We don't know what the old cart was or which controller was in it. so we cannot answer.
2. It has a NCX in it, so a DCX is Plug-n-Play. However, we don't know what solenoid is installed, or the condition of the high current cables, so they may need replacing also.
3. Maybe.
4. A NCX is not user programmable, so it is what it is. If it used to have regen braking, it still has regen braking, but it might not have much regen braking.

To find out if the regen braking is working, connect a voltmeter to the battery pack and observe it while driving about 20 MPH. Lift your foot completely off the throttle pedal and the pack voltage should climb rapidly. If it climbs above the at-rest voltage (38.2V), you have regen braking.

IIRC, it would climb over 45V when I was running a 36V battery pack.

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