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mjroman20 04-29-2016 02:52 PM

Interest in possible Curtis AC Conversion
I'm curious about the golf community interest in DC to AC conversion kits. A likely candidate for a controller would be a Curtis 1236. It comes in several voltage and current varieties: 24/36@400 or 500A, 36/48@350A, and 48-80@300A. Such a kit would probably include an AC motor and control characterized to said motor, along with either a conversion harness or full vehicle replacement harness. (And ITS converter for EZGOs). Optionally an RS232 display that shows fault codes, vehicle RPM/MPH, etc.

Is this something people may want, or would it be more practical to buy an AC vehicle?

mjroman20 05-05-2016 04:26 PM

Re: Interest in possible Curtis AC Conversion
I just finished installing a 36V 400A 1236 into a Tomberlin E-Merge. I still need to get the motor tuned in but up on jacks, unloaded I was getting around 6000RPM, on the ground I was running about 4000. I think the gearing on this cart is 10:1 so that puts me at about 20mph. The controller allows a max of 8,000RPM but I doubt that'll be happening at this voltage.

Its also installed a turf switch to work with the VCL I wrote. In conjunction with a handset it has 4 modes that can be set to the two switch positions. I set it up similarly to a EZGO TXT with a 1206HB.

Airport limited to about 10mph
Speed limited to 20mph
Freedom limited to max limit of the control
Torque which maintains a torque value rather than an RPM.

The speeds in each of these modes is also adjustable between 0 and the limit.

So far it seems rather impressive for a low voltage cart.

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