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firemanrick 08-09-2019 09:07 PM

Need a source for quality microswitches.
I decided to proactively replace all the microswitches in my DS. Almost immediately ran into issues. The EBay sources switches suck. Cart would randomly turn off, similar to if I turned off the key wile in motion. The final straw was when it tried to on its own. Just chugged and turned over a couple times. So I put the old ones back in. So where can I get quality microswitches? Clearly eBay wasn’t the place...

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CP241 08-09-2019 09:53 PM

Re: Need a source for quality microswitches.
You could contact david hicks at revolution golf cars (site sponsor). He carries all the OEM club car parts.

Your only other option, look at the switches you have carefully. Theres a brand and a part number on there. It's just a common microswitch, and should be available on mouser or digikey. I buy a ton of stuff from digikey. Theyll have some nice waterproof, ip65 etc rated ones there. Nicer than the OEM ones, probably outlast the cart.

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