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jsahara24 10-06-2008 01:05 PM

1985 Club Car Rehab
Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself and get some help with the build of my new to me golf cart. My name is Jason and I live near Reading, PA, i recently aquired a 85' CC cart that is in desperate need of some help.

Its current situation is it is stripped down to the frame and suspension, I have the motor sitting on my workbench ready for a tuneup. I will take some pictures of it tonight and post them tomorrow.

The motor is the Kawasaki 341cc and it hasn't been run in ~ 5 years, however it did run when it was parked. I plan to do a complete tune-up to the motor, including oil & oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, spark plug & belts. I have found everything I need from an online retailer, however I cannot seem to locate an oil filter.

I would also like to replace the fluid in the transmission/differential (not sure the proper terminology), I can't seem to find what to replace it with.

My other major concern is the electrical/wiring. I would consider that my weakpoint. Any suggestions or thigns to consider would be appreciated. I anticipate more questions once I get the motor tuned and try to get it running. Thanks again.


shadowman 10-06-2008 06:48 PM

Re: 1985 Club Car Rehab
take your oil filter to napa and have them match it upp they sell them for C.C if your cart has an oil filter its not an 85 they didn,t start using oil filters until 1992.................................8)

shadowman 10-06-2008 06:49 PM

Re: 1985 Club Car Rehab
forgot in 1985 you would have the old flathead engine so you have a 1992 or newer............................................8 )

azboo 10-06-2008 07:30 PM

Re: 1985 Club Car Rehab
If the motor is a 92-96 you did much better than the flat-head 85's came with originally. :thumbup::thumbup:

rusty 10-06-2008 11:12 PM

Re: 1985 Club Car Rehab
Welcome to the forum jsahara24................

jsahara24 10-07-2008 08:02 AM

Re: 1985 Club Car Rehab
well I didn't actually take an oil filter out, I just assumed that it would have one. So what I do know is that it is an 8HP - 341cc motor. So is that the original 85' motor or would that be a newer one??

Is there a FAQ section on these carts that I could see what specifiications came in what year, proper fluids, etc??

I forgot my camera on my counter at home, I will try to get those pics uploaded tomorrow morning... Thanks again for all your help..


azboo 10-07-2008 08:39 AM

Re: 1985 Club Car Rehab
341 is the original flat head. If there is any way to replace it, I sure would. That motor is a dog. No offense intended at all. I started with an 85 with that motor. Boy was I glad to change it out. Try putting flat head in the search box. You'll come up with lots of helpful threads to read.


jsahara24 10-07-2008 08:55 AM

Re: 1985 Club Car Rehab
no offense taken at all...

i have had four wheelers all of my life and have only driven golf carts when i was golfing...I recently had this cart given to me so i appreciate all comments that teach me something....Keep em coming and I will do some searching for flatheads, unfortunately i think im goign to have to stick with this motor for the time being...thx again

shadowman 10-07-2008 04:59 PM

Re: 1985 Club Car Rehab
if its a flathead the carb will be mounted right of center with the air intake tube leading to a round air cleaner cover, ifs its newer the carb is mounted left of center and an oil filter right below it with the air filter box ( square ) mounted on top of battery........i love my old flathead very fast and dependable but hard to find some parts.........if you put another motor in it keep the old one its not worthless at all...........if you change to a newer motor you,ll also need a retro fit kit as the newer motor won,t just drop in and that kit is another 450.00 or so besides the 1600.00 for the motor...........................8)

oliver28472 10-07-2008 06:25 PM

Re: 1985 Club Car Rehab
I have an 89 with the flathead. It works just fine for me but I'm not planning on going fast. I have read that these will throw a rod if you try to increase the rpms etc. There is no oil filter. Haven't had to tear mine down yet. Just had it about 2-3 months. There are places that have parts. One is J&M Golf Carts in Evans, GA. If you want more power and speed you may have to spend some money and get a different engine.

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