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BlackKnight755 05-17-2019 04:09 PM

TXT very hard to start
My 2013 Ezgo TXT Valor has a Kawasaki engine and is very hard to start. The only way that it will start is mash the gas pedal JUST until the engine starts to turn and give it just a tiny bit more gas. It will spit and sputter a few times when it tries to start then finally it will go. To begin with it will not take any acceleration, you have to just keep easing the gas to it. When it does finally crank and start going its smooth sailing. No spits or sputters while under power. I checked the spark and it is weak. I don't have a reference other than like a lawnmower and its MUCH weaker than a small engine on the lawnmower (5 horse briggs).

It seems that it gets much worse in the winter and of course on cooler mornings. Never been a problem in the cold. If anything just a quick choke pull and its going great. It will backfire sometimes if its pretty cool and the choke has been used.

I have also noticed that it loses power (more than normal loss) going up a hill. It has never been a powerhouse but it never lost power as easy as it does now.

I know that the coil/ electronic ignition system may be going bad but I'd think that it would spit and sputter some under power if that was the case.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, BK

BlackKnight755 05-17-2019 07:45 PM

Re: TXT very hard to start
I know its getting a bit of age on it but is this a common problem or is there something that I can check or change?

CP241 05-17-2019 08:51 PM

Re: TXT very hard to start
May be some bad gas or water in the gas. I'd start with the simple stuff. New spark plug (NGK), clean or replace the air filter, pull the carb and give it a good cleaning.

May be worth pulling the fuel line off the carb and cranking it a bit into a Mason jar, let it settle and check to see if theres any water in there and check color. Especially if it has been sitting most of the winter (not sure what state you're in).

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