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planejob 11-09-2012 03:43 PM

Analog Gauge Suggestions?, Specifically a CHT gauge
I have had to replace the dash, or what the factory calls "the instrument cluster" on my cart. The left side of it had been broken in a crash of some sort. So I've got a fesh panel with no labels and no holes.

I want to add some analog gauges in the space where the warning label used to go.

I want to add an oil pressure gauge (easy enough, just t-off of the existing pressure port).

I also want to include a CHT gauge, possibly a dual needle one like is commonly used on aircraft. or maybe just two gauges?? What have you guys used? http://www.kmproducts.co.uk/images/cht%20gauge.jpg The automotive ones I have seen are quite expensive - like 70 - 100 dollars each.

I also plan to add a voltmeter so I can monitor the health of my charging system.

Do you suggest any other gauges? I've seen the E-Z Go fuel gauge, and that's really cool but costs about 100 bucks in parts alone.

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