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sgremp 05-25-2018 09:37 AM

2018 Yamaha PTV EFI speed

I saw another thread exactly with my same problem, with a solution, and I replied for more detail but not sure if that user will reply or not so I'm posting a new one. I just got a 2018 yamaha PTV 4 quiettech EFI cart, it's really nice, quiet for sure, smooth ride, very happy with it mostly. But, the specs say from factory it does 19.5MPH, I clock it with waze and another phone app for speed, and both say 15-16 MPH for top speed with just me on it, on flat ground. Also, going uphill it goes down to about 10-11MPH before the engine starts compensating and giving it more power. I feel like if I put a couple more people on it it would be really slow....just doesn't seem right for a brand new cart, especially boasting 19.5mph from factory. Are governor adjustments ever needed in the beginning even if it's from factory or should it already be set correctly? The other person mentioned they adjusted both throttle cables and that fixed it, but not sure how he adjusted, and I don't have a service manual (know where to get one?? I can't find it online??), so i don't want to go messing around with throttle cables and governors unless I am certain that will help - so looking for some advice. I am fine with factory speed (if it gets 19mph), I really don't need to go faster and want the engine to last longer so feel increasing past factory will just wear the engine faster. So, I don't mind turning it up to get to factory spec but wonder if t hat's the problem, or is their literature wrong...any info from anyone?

cgtech 05-25-2018 10:29 AM

Re: 2018 Yamaha PTV EFI speed
The PTV model should be set at 19 mph from the factory. Ptv has "high speed gears" from the factory, so some speed loss on hills is to be expected. The throttle cable adjustment is actually just the same as the older non efi models, so you can use the hints for other models of YDRA. I did see a lot of mis-adjusted cables early on in Efi production, but they usually are pretty good now. Your dealer won't help you with these issues to get it to work as advertised? Or did you order it off the internet and don't have a dealer who wants to mess with your "outside deal".

sgremp 05-25-2018 10:48 AM

Re: 2018 Yamaha PTV EFI speed
I think they would I am going to try and adjust the governor first, if that doesn't work I may ask the dealer to come out. I found it online, but the physical store isn't too far away and they do road work when warranty repairs are needed...just trying to keep the hassle out of it if it's something I can adjust in 5 minutes instead of having to schedule an appointment, take off work to be here, etc.

cgtech 05-25-2018 12:07 PM

Re: 2018 Yamaha PTV EFI speed
I would check that the throttle is opening fully before adjusting governor (gov adjust could lead to warranty problems with a picky dealer). To check throttle- turn key off, remove seat bottom, reach below fuel injection and find throttle arm (can be twisted with fingers), press gas pedal to floor, twist throttle arm to see if it can go any further. If it can, it could use a little adjustment. Just like all the other gas models, you must make sure the gas pedal start switch engages before the throttle starts opening when adjusting throttle cables. Otherwise low speed drivability issues will be the next problem you are chasing.

BLACK DEATH 05-31-2018 08:18 PM

Re: 2018 Yamaha PTV EFI speed
They have like a 9.5-1 gear in them. Mines a turd at take off but I have 23” tires.
Riding solo I have got 29 mph on phone mph app. I don’t know how accurate it is.
Up a hill with me at 175 and my girl at 50 lbs it’s a turd bad. With more kids even a bigger turd.
29mph is fast enough but I’d like more gear for torque and if it does 25 mph I’d be happy

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