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Unread 11-16-2010, 12:53 AM   #1
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Default G2 not accelertating

I have a yamaha g2 that is not accelerating When pedal is pushed motor starts and engages cart creeps forward. When pedal pressed all the way down, same thing cart just creeps. I have already checked drive clutch and weights are OK and also checked fuel lines and seems to be OK. Any suggestions?
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Unread 11-16-2010, 03:14 AM   #2
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Default Re: G2 not accelertating

Howdy, Pirates! First off, welcome to BGW! Prepare to get hooked on this cart stuff!

I'm not sure how experienced you are with carts or small engines, so I'll keep this simple.

First, does the engine even try to accelerate? What does it do in neutral? Does the cart roll easily, without any brake binding?

Be sure the throttle cable is opening the throttle completely. There is a speed governor on top of the transmission where the 2 throttle cables attach, make sure it's not binding.

Check fuel flow by pulling the fuel line from the carb and cranking the engine. Does a decent amount squirt out - into a container, of course! These old carts can get pretty cruddy in the fuel tank and pump, not to mention the filter at the bottom of the tank.

If the fuel supply is good, and the throttle is opening, you might have an air leak. Try pulling the choke out while driving the cart. If it suddenly takes off, then sputters when it's pushed back in, there's too much air, causing a lean mixture. There are generally 3 reasons for a lean mixture:

Check the air cleaner box - it needs to be sealed TIGHT! There are 2 small holes in the bottom of the case that should be plugged with rubber grommets. The top often warps, and the rubber straps won't close it. Check the gasket in the groove along the perimeter of the top. See the diagram below for the airbox parts - you need them all, unless you are going to mess with carb jetting.

The plastic spacer between the carb and the head can crack, or loose fasteners can cause gaps.

The carb might need to be cleaned. Not a difficult job, but care is required.

It wouldn't hurt to replace the spark plug and change the oil. Put only 1 qt. of oil in it. How does the plug look?

If all the above checks OK, but the spark plug is black and sooty, the mixture is rich (too much gas).
Pulling the choke will have no affect in this case. A rich mixture is caused by:

A blockage in the air intake (filter, airbox, intake hose or choke stuck closed).

Carb flooding (needle valve stuck open, main jet loose or missing).

Running rich will cause black exhaust.

Sorry for the wordy reply! Hopefully yours is a simple fix. The airbox seems to be the most common problem.

Let us know how it's goin'. It'll be purring in no time!

Got any plans for the cart? How 'bout some pics...
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Unread 11-16-2010, 06:37 AM   #3
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Default Re: G2 not accelertating

Check spark, if you have it
check gas to carb, if you have it.
If it is actually starting and running,
check for broken throttle cable at pedal under inspection plate.
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Unread 11-16-2010, 01:04 PM   #4
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Default Re: G2 not accelertating

If you are new to carts, realize the generator spins the engine when pedal is down....the engine might run or not but it still turns over. Odds are it is not running and just the starter is working. First check for throttle cable operation, you have gas in it, etc., obvious things, then move on to fuel flow and ignition things.

I set my cart so it barely idles with the carb idle screw, but many carts are set not to idle.
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