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Unread 07-31-2011, 02:41 PM   #1
Gone Wild
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Default g1 not turning over

hello everybody, just bought a 79 g1, and the guy i bought it off said i will turn with a battery , no go nothing, could it be the selinouds? and i found a metal tag on the frame it says j1176 is this the model and year id tag?thanks.
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Gone Wild
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Default Re: g1 not turning over

A 1979 G1 should be a J10 serial number. Look in the stickies for the serial number locator to find your serial number. One other possible location: open up the body and look on the frame member running between the rear shock upper mounts. Some early carts had it stamped into the frame there.
First things to check for no crank:
1)Is your battery good and fully charged?
2)Are the battery cable ends and battery terminals shiny clean and the bolts tight?
3)Check your fuses on the right rear fender-there are two in separate holders.
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Unread 07-31-2011, 03:48 PM   #3
Not Yet Wild
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Default Re: g1 not turning over

Hi check this out.... Yamaha Golf Cart model is listed below the table.
Year Model
Name Model
Code Beginning
Primary ID # Model

Gas Carts
2003 G22AY JU0 JU0-000101
2004 G22AZ JU0 JU0-100101
2001 G21AW JR6 JR6-000101 2003 G21AY JR6 JR6-200101
2002 G21AX JR6 JR6-100101 2004 G21AZ JR6 JR6-300101
2000 G20AU JR8 JR8-000101 2002 G20AX JR8 JR8-200101
2001 G20AW JR8 JR8-100101
1996 G16AP JN6 JN6-000101 2000 G16AU JN6 JN6-400101
1997 G16AR JN6 JN6-100101 2001 G16AW JN6 JN6-500101
1998 G16AS JN6 JN6-200101 2002 G16AX JN6 JN6-600161
1999 G16AT JN6 JN6-300101
1995 G14AM JN3 JN3-100101 1996 G14AP JN3 JN3-200101
1993 G11AJ JJ3 JJ3-000101 1998 G11AS JR3 JR3-100101
1994 G11AK JJ3 JJ3-100101 1999 G11AT JR3 JR3-200101
1996 G11AP JJ3 JJ3-200101 2000 G11AU JR3 JR3-300101
1997 G11AR JR3 JR3-000101 2001 G11AW JR3 JR3-400101
1991 G9AG JG5 JG5-000101 1994 G9AK JG5 JG5-300101
1992 G9AH JG5 JG5-100101 1995 G9AM JG5 JG5-400101
1993 G9AJ JG5 JG5-200101
1990 G8AF JF2 JF2-000007 1993 G8AJ JF2 JF2-300101
1991 G8AG JF2 JF2-100101 1994 G8AK JF2 JF2-400101
1992 G8AH JF2 JF2-200101
1990 G5AF J50 J50-000101 1993 G5AJ J50 J50-300101
1991 G5AG J50 J50-100101 1994 G5AK J50 J50-400101
1992 G5AH J50 J50-200103 1995 G5AM J50 J50-500101
1986 G3-A J42 J42-000101
1985 G2-A5 J38 J38-000101 1988 G2-AC JA2 JA2-000001
1986 G2-A J38 J38-007101 1989 G2-AD J55 J55-000101
1986 G2-A J38 J38-066101 1990 G2-AF J55 J55-100120
1987 G2-AB J38 J38-020101 1991 G2-AG J55 J55-200101
1988 G2-AB J38 J38-071101
1979 G1-A J10 J10-000101 1984 G1-AM4 J31 J31-000101
1980 G1-A1 J10 J10-007705 1985 G1-AM5 J31 J31-100101
1981 G1-A2 J10 J10-030101 1986 G1-AM J31 J31-140101
1982 G1-A3 J17 J17-000101 1989 G1-AMD J31 J31-159082
1983 G1-AM3 J24 J24-000101
Electric Carts
2003 G22EY JU2 JU2-000101
2004 G22EZ JU2 JU2-100101
1996 G19EP JR1 JR1-000101 2000 G19EU JR1 JR1-400101
1997 G19ER JR1 JR1-100101 2001 G19EW JR1 JR1-500101
1998 G19ES JR1 JR1-200101 2002 G19EX JR1 JR1-600101
1999 G19ET JR1 JR1-300101
1996 G16EP JN8 JN8-000101 2000 G16EU JN8 JN8-400101
1997 G16ER JN8 JN8-100101 2001 G16EW JN8 JN8-500101
1998 G16ES JN8 JN8-200101 2002 G16EX JN8 JN8-600101
1999 G16ET JN8 JN8-300101
1995 G14EM JN4 JN4-100101 1996 G14EP JN4 JN4-200101
1991 G9EG JG6 JG6-000001 1994 G9EJ JH7 JH7-200149
1992 G9EH1 JG6 JG6-100101 1994 G9EK/KP JH7 JH7-201801
1992 G9EH2 JH7 JH7-000125 1995 G9EM JH7 JH7-300101
1993 G9EJ JH7 JH7-100101
1990 G8EF JF3 JF3-000005 1993 G8EJ JF3 JF3-300101
1991 G8EG JF3 JF3-100101 1994 G8EK JF3 JF3-400101
1992 G8EH JF3 JF3-200101 1994 G8EKP JF3 JF3-401801
1990 G5EF J51 J51-000101 1992 G5EH J51 J51-200101
1991 G5EG J51 J51-100101
1987 G3-E J46 J46-000101
1985 G2-E5 J41 J41-000101 1988 G2-EC JE2 JE2-000101
1986 G2-E J41 J41-016101 1989 G2-ED J56 J56-000101
1987 G2-EB J41 J41-030101 1990 G2-EF J56 J56-100101
1988 G2-EB J41 J41-053101 1991 G2-EG J56 J56-200101
1980 G1-E J14 J14-000101 1984 G1-EM4 J36 J36-000101
1981 G1-E2 J14 J14-100101 1985 G1-EM5 J36 J36-010101
1982 G1-E3 J22 J22-000101 1986 G1-EM J36 J36-011212
1983 G1-EM3 J26 J26-000101
Mako ,
Congrats on your purchase I looked for that serial number and it should start with j10 for a G1a ,There is a sticky on location of your ID number it should be at the back of your cart under the bumper for a G1 refer to the sticky for picture. On your no start, as many have said here "you need three things to run" for the most part thats true, Spk,comp,and fuel. pick one and start from there.After you put a new battery in it. Like fuel pull off the hose to the carb,crank the engine do you get gas and does it smell like gas or does ot smell bad if its doesnt smell like gas drain it and try to start again.If no gas from the fuel line check the pump and the pulser line to it ,also look for oil leaks from your crank case seals (both sides)clutch and fan could be enough of a leak that the pulser line wont pulse to work the pump.If Ok use a spark tester and check for spark, you can get one from harbor freight for $2.00 (you should have one anyway) cause if you just pull off the plug wire and ground it you might burn up the ignitor box so be safe not cheap on that. .lastly or firstly your choice check compression,There is a wealth of information here at your disposal enjoy it I also recomend you print a copy of a wiring diagram for your cart from one of the stickys at the top of the beginning page . Good luck and keep all of us posted thats how we all learn. Tom
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