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dragos28 01-26-2014 12:14 PM

G2 steering
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My steering wheel no longer sits properly. How do I get it to straighten up and sit lower so it will not wobble all over the place.

I teied taking it off, no luck and I tried tightening it. Also tried pounding it down with a hammer
Can anyone help.

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I picked up a steering wheel id like to use. Any thoughts on if itll work?


pachanga90 01-26-2014 12:20 PM

Re: G2 steering
You can buy an Adapter-hub thru our site-sponsors to put any 3-bolt car-wheel on a cart.:thumbup:

dragos28 01-26-2014 01:54 PM

Re: G2 steering
thanks. in the meanwhile is there anything i can do to get it to sit lower so it wont wobble? before it didnt have this problem....

Specularius 01-26-2014 02:02 PM

Looks like the upper bearing or bushing is gone. Will have to get the old wheel off and see what's bellow.

dragos28 01-26-2014 08:56 PM

Re: G2 steering
will i need a pulley remover?
cuz the wheel is not budging..

1989Marathon 01-26-2014 09:24 PM

Re: G2 steering
Loosen the steering wheel nut so it is only on by a couple of threads. Put your knees behind the steering wheel and put your feet on the dash for leverage. Apply some heavy force on the back of the steering wheel with your knees and then give the steering wheel nut a couple really hard hits with a hammer. It should just pop right off. If you're worried about messing up the nut, put a piece of hardwood on it, then hit the hardwood.

dragos28 01-26-2014 09:31 PM

Re: G2 steering
i'm going to order the adaptor hub and get the wheel swapped out.

1989Marathon 01-26-2014 09:38 PM

Re: G2 steering
It takes alot of force with the knees sometimes. Use very quick, hard hits with the hammer. It should only take one or two hits. If not, use more knee force.

dragos28 01-26-2014 09:41 PM

Re: G2 steering
just ordered the adapter.. fking hell... with shipping it came out to $42......

ugh... **** this cart is expensive..
and i got a flat tire, hopefully some fix-a-flat will fix it

i'll wait until i get the adapter in to take it off.

1989Marathon 01-26-2014 09:45 PM

Re: G2 steering

Originally Posted by dragos28 (Post 979809)
ugh... **** this cart is expensive..

You should try having to pay for a supercharger upgrade!:mrgreen:

You may want to try to get the wheel off before the adapter shows up. You can always put it back on.

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