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BCW 01-10-2008 12:14 AM

Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?
What part and county ?


BuckmanMike, where are you Hunting up there ?

Firewagon also hunts a lease up in Ga. somewhere

Next year , I hope to... going to look at a lease in
S. east Ga. Appling county. Not overly populated with deer
but the land has some great potential.
Lots of Turkeys and Hogs.
1700 acres with 17 members.

If any of y'all know of any leases up in Ga.
please list them. My self, Im not looking for a QDM club
but others might be .

Good luck on the last week in Ga.
Hunt hard and Hunt Safe :thumbup:


killsumptin 01-12-2008 09:06 PM

Re: Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?
2300 acres in Charleton county. 45 min NW of Jacksonville fl. 16 members

BCW 01-15-2008 07:37 PM

Re: Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?
Man my memory is bad...
I just asked in another thread where you hunted killsumptin :help:
lawed have mercy.....

Is the land you hunt a QDM ? Bud thats alot of land.
Are there any openings next year ?


killsumptin 01-15-2008 07:54 PM

Re: Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?
No QDM. Too much "If it's brown it's down " for my tastes. I wish our guys would give the young bucks a break, but if the neighbors don't practice QDM then you are just growing deer for someone else.:cry:

We usually replace 3-4 members each year.

Of 16 members , only 4 of us are not "locals". I would love to see more out of towners in the club to take a little pressure off of the game.

It's hard to compete with club members that live 20 mi. away when you live 200 mi. away.

BCW 01-18-2008 07:41 AM

Re: Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?

Originally Posted by killsumptin (Post 47997)
No QDM. Too much "If it's brown it's down " for my tastes. I wish our guys would give the young bucks a break, but if the neighbors don't practice QDM then you are just growing deer for someone else.:cry:

We usually replace 3-4 members each year.

Of 16 members , only 4 of us are not "locals". I would love to see more out of towners in the club to take a little pressure off of the game.

It's hard to compete with club members that live 20 mi. away when you live 200 mi. away.

I dont know how long you have been with this lease, but if you have been in it for a year or more , see if you can suggest a rule change on the younger bucks at the next meeting of members.
Like A NO spike Rule, This can be done, Only exception would be for a Youth
1st time deer and only 1 ever for that youth .
Another I have seen is makeing a Rule that if the buck is not a certain size
Example ... Say a 4 on one side ( Then you cant take it ).
I've seen other hunt clubs adopt a Rule if you shoot a small buck..
Then you mount it ,( No matter what the size is) Or pay a fine ranging from
$250.00 up ! to the club . This money is set in a fund that can be used Only
for Food Plotts and or Blind re-building if y'all have them on the lease.
But you have to have ALL members following these rules, including the president and his or her friends.

Do y'all have to check in your deer with the Club, and take pictures to document the harvest ?... ( This is a good one )
This is yet another way to cut down on the takeing of small deer...
ANYONE breakng any of the Rules is Grounds for termination of a members
rights to hunt said lease " With Out Refund of Money" And Or a Heavy fine to be Paid to the Club Fund ...

I know where your comming from being far from the property you Hunt
But in order to better your deer herd some rules need to be set in Stone
And Followed BY ALL... Any infraction can be grounds for termination, Fines
Or Both ...

How much is your yearly lease ?
I may or may not be interested, this depends on the $$$
Where is it located ,State and county ?

One other question..
What are the Doe to Buck population on this property,
And do y'all take out any Mature does ..Not imature does
What is your Doe limett ?


killsumptin 01-18-2008 08:36 AM

Re: Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?
Your' preachin' to the choir! No QDM for our "Good Ole Boys".
It's hard enough keeping the neighbors and poachers off of the place.:evil:
It's my 3rd year in the club (founding member) and the rules change(for the worse) each year. Now, what was a no dog lease has been opened up to limited dog hunting.:cry:

I'm a bow hunter and this is defenitely not my style.:evil:

But if your'e still interested:

2300 acres
16 members
7 mi. south of Folkston, Ga.( Charleton County )Adjoining the Okeefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
$890.00 yr.
1st. yr we took 120 Does & 30 Bucks:shock:
2nd yr 130 Does and ??? Bucks:shock:
This year ???. But I think the numbers are down due to the harvest the two previous years.:cry:
2 Buck , 3 Doe limit.

Each member is allowed 3 permanent stands and must establish their own food plots.(Basically you pay to hunt, the club does nothing for the members)

Rustic camp site provided

I am currently looking for something closer to home, but if I can't find anything I'll stay with this club till I do find something.

On a positive note: The turkey hunting is excellent, and there aren't as many turkey hunting members as there are deer hunting members.:-P

BCW 01-18-2008 01:10 PM

Re: Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?
Bud I hate to say this
But your a glutin for punishment arnt ya ...
Man aint No way Id stay with this club
Haveing said that, im going to go with the lease
im planning to get. Its a little farther north of yours
But not Much and Half the price $450.00 per year fer 1700 acres.
In Appling county same ammount of members.

Deer ,Hogs and a quality ammount of Turkey. and they too
arnt interested in turkey huntin just deer.
This will be my first year with this club ,but I have a couple of friends
who turned me on to it . They have moved on futhure North to a QDM
and a bigger price as well $1600 per.
Two primitive campsites. No elec or water Yet... on this one.
Good roads, power lines No to speak of food plotts... just feeders.
Im going to try to improve some areas I want to hunt.
One thing good about this is the fact I will NOT build any perminate blind
and I have to Hunt from the ground, Im in a wheelchair 24-7 (amputee)
So when I leave the property my Dog House blind goes with me :thumbup:

One other thing is No Dogs allowed, unless its for tracking a lost deer and then its by a leash. Any perminate blinds is a first come,first served blind.
Im going to try to realy focuss on Turkey for next spring by planting some chuffa here and there.. But as it is now they for the most part arnt after the turkeys :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Right now the only real Rule is NO SPIKES that they are stressing !!!

Up untill a few years ago this property has not been Hunted much
and the guys are not into realy wanting to do a lot of cutting shooting lanes
its allowed but they arnt interested in doing the work ... Go figure :roll:
Work days... to my recalation there arnt any LOL
I know my buddy and I are going to do a few things :thumbup:

Id realy like to improve this place and the Hunting there.
But I will see after I actualy lay my eyes on it which will be Feb 2nd.
Id also like to get more Fresh Blood in there to help sway to improvment
and Hunting ... Interested ? I will let you know if you are.
I too like to hunt with a Bow and BP...

Man Im farther south then you im in Eustis FL and my buddy is in Umatilla FL
bout 15 miles from me.
I'll see how this $450.00 investment goes with hope's for improvement
But for the price I couldnt turn it down :thumbup:

Keep in touch Bud

killsumptin 01-18-2008 07:11 PM

Re: Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?
The price sounds very nice. My main concern is that with gas above $3 a gal. and non resident licences at $230, farther away = $$$$. I have a lead on a 25,000 acre club in North Brevard county Fl. 15 minutes from my house. It"s $1200 a year, but it cost me almost $100 every time I go to Ga.
It doesn't take many trips up there plus the cost of licences to justify spending a little more for some local action.

As I said, I'm looking for something else, but closer to home. I will probably stay with this club until the right opportunity comes along. After all, bad hunting is better than no hunting, and it is 200 mi. away from the wife.:lol:

BCW 01-18-2008 07:47 PM

Re: Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?
We live in the wrong state here period
Cost of living, taxes , taxes, Mexicans, Ricans
and crime .... Oh did I say Taxes LOL
Lots smaller deer and HARDLY anywhere to Hunt decent anymore
at afordable rate .... And It aint gettin any better its gettin worse every day.

I just got of the ph with a buddy up in Ga. right close to where the lease is.
He said unleaded is $2.96 a Gal...
Bud untill the bottom fell out here on the houseing market I was gonna sell
my place and get the heck out of FL. for good.

Im the only stupid one in my family left down here.
My sibblings done left and went to TN... And glad they did .
My brother and family went to Englewood TN .
Right in the foot hills of the Smokies .
No crime to speak of like down here.

Heck fer another 3 or 4 thousand $$$ you can get in on a lease out at
the Morman Ranch, im sure you know the property over there ...
Probably the best place to hunt in the state of FL.
Nah, you can have FL , I aint going to have to learn to spreak spanish to stay here . I have lived in FL all 54 years of my life .
And at the rate its going it wont be long before its a Rican state ...
This ole Red Neck aint stayin in this crud . When I was a kid we left Miami
where I was born, moved to the east side of Orlando, Moved up here to
Eustis in 85 , Now I want totaly out a FL .

Its sad that every time you turn on yer TV all you hear is Killings ,rapes,
home invaisions or sumtin of some crime ...

The deer are bigger in Ga. , the women sweet as tea, and just good ole country livin at its best .

If ya change yer mind about Huntin here, shoot me a email
I'll try to hook ya up if I can... Chairman547@aol.com

In the mean time, Practice yer Spanish yer gonna need it :lol:


buckmanmike 01-22-2008 11:09 PM

Re: Who Here Hunts in Ga. ?
I hunt in Randolph County Ga. We have almost 1900 acres thats been in my family for generations. The county is QDM. Thats the way I like. I let smaller bucks walk and take a doe or two for meat. I have not shot a buck the last two seasons, but I have seen several real nice 8's that I had a shot at. I saw one whopper 10 pt that I would had taken but had no clean shot at it. I prefer to let the smaller bucks grow up. I have probably 12-15 8 pt racks around the house and one 12 pt that my brother shot is hanging on the wall. Last I checked it was the 6th largest buck taken in Randolph Co. I hope to get down to land in a couple of weeks to get some more travel lanes opened up before the spring vegetation jump. Good Hunting, Mike

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