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Unread 03-27-2008, 02:24 AM   #1
Gone Wild
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Default G8 SHock Install....A long story, but Funny!

OK, First, the disclaimer.... I do not know if the shocks on my G8 were stock, or if someone has changed them... I am thinking they are stock... but I DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE!

OK, so I got the Jakes Heavy Duty springs... springs and spacers were really nice...a few nics on the springs.. but not bad or anything. So, after trying to get the wife to remove the top spring mount while I compressed the shock by hand, I decided cutting the spring was easier than having to split my retirement and all my toys in the devorice, so I sent her off to play with the horses and I just cut the springs per the directions, and got the shocks apart. Then the fun started....

The new springs would not fit over the shock!!! So after looking at it carfully, I just touched the edges of the top mound on the grinder (about 1/16" or so on the 4 corners, and the spring fit! All was good, for about 3 minutes!!!

The seat on the spring retainers would not fit into the ends of the shocks, because the springs were a bit small! Hmmmmmm... My lil pea brain started spinning, and I was able to tap the opening together to make the circumference smaller, and then trim the opening to slide it over the shaft with the dremmel... No the would fit inside the springs.. all was again good... for about 3 minutes....

Then I realised by closing up the retainers, they would no longer fit on onto the shock (around the body, or on the upper end) so there I was with cut stock springs and no way to mount the new ones... and everything screwed up.... Sooooooo....

I had a beer, really good beer that a buddy brought me from Hawaii.... Ummmmm BEER!!!! But I digerss.....

So, after a nice cold beer, I was able to hammer the retainers back to original shape, and the openings were not to big so they were working again. I then went to the local buy all store (Bi-Mart) and got a $90 set of air tools, that included a high speed grinder... (Have a nice 220 compressor for 4 years, and all I ever did was fill tires, so this was about time anyway!)

So I ground the inside of both ends of the springs a little, and then the retainers fit inside and then the shocks went together in about 10 minutes. Got them back on the cart in about 5 minutes, and used the NEW AIR TOOLS to pull the wheels and add the center caps and new lugs!

So... I have not dorve the cart, as I am waiting on the speed spring and want to leave the body off to put it on, but I stood on the cart and it only moved about 1/2", so I am thinking my rubbing problem is taken care of. And they will be good with the rear seat I am going to build.

So all in all, If you do this mod, Just grind a lil off the top of the shock to get the spring on and grind out a little of the inside of both springs so the retainers seat in the right, and it's smooth sailing. I already did all the stupid $hit for you in advance.....

But I did get the air tools and a good beer out of the deal. Well worth the money in my opinion, especially if your a big guy like me. I was having a rubbing issue when I turned hard right... Maybe too much beer... WHAT DID I JUST SAY... I am going to go slap myself now....
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Unread 03-27-2008, 08:38 AM   #2
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Default Re: G8 SHock Install....A long story, but Funny!

and and

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Unread 03-27-2008, 10:15 AM   #3
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Default Re: G8 SHock Install....A long story, but Funny!

LOL!! Good post, thanks for the info!!

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Unread 03-27-2008, 10:56 AM   #4
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Default Re: G8 SHock Install....A long story, but Funny!

Dude, you didn't even call me to come help! What's up with that?:) Talk to ya soon! Tell me about your speed spring! lATER-rYAN
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