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ShaunB 07-29-2019 01:38 PM

Looking for suggestions on rear end for a Koyker Raptor 2000

I have read every post on these forums that relate to Koyker Raptors and they have helped a lot but didn't see some of the follow ups after they finished their rebuilds.

This Koyker Raptor 2000 was bought off a guy on facebook and it has the Briggs & Stratton 14 HP V-Twin & Hydraulic Dump bed. It is 2 Wheel drive and that is where my issue is.

The UTV is currently stuck in neutral, I contacted Olympic Gear who makes the BT-92 transmission and after comparing the transmission in my Raptor it has a BT-92 clone.

I am hoping someone can give me suggestions on either what to troubleshoot next or where to look for new transfer case gears or axle etc.

When we put the Raptor in gear and press the throttle the tires do not move, the gears move in the transmission though. We are able to push the Ratpor while it is in gear, so it has been suggested that the rear end isn't locked up but maybe a keyway or a gear is broke in the transfer case.

I have seen several posts asking for manuals for the Koyker Raptor so here is a .zip file for the manuals Koyker emailed me.

(I haven't been a member long enough to post links, will update later)

I would have attached them but the files were too big.

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