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Gsxr600honda300 08-28-2019 09:01 PM

GSXR 600 motor in Honda 300 4x4
I am looking for any information on if anybody knows how I will be able to replace the motor from a Honda 300 four track with the Suzuki 600 and keep the atv 4x4 any help greatly appreciated or if anyone knows about any similar builds

CP241 08-30-2019 08:20 AM

Re: GSXR 600 motor in Honda 300 4x4
Honda 300 is a pretty small frame, I don't know if there's enough real estate to fit a gsxr600 motor in there...

As for keeping the 4wd you're gonna be on your own there. I don't think I would recommend that particular swap. Honda 300 runs driveshafts to the front and rear differentials. The GSXR runs a chain to a rear sprocket of a motorcycle. I really doubt that's going to work at all. at least not without a CONSIDERABLE amount of fabrication. In which means replacing both front and rear diff and axles, suspension, etc. Really the only thing left from the 300 would be the plastics and the frame (though the frame would likely have to be modified to fit the motor, so not sure that really counts).

IF you insist on putting that motor into a 4x4 quad, your best bet would probably be an older polaris magnum like a magnum 425(think mid-90's). They were available 4x4 and chain driven, though the sprocket may be on the wrong side of the motor still.

Your best bet would probably be a 400ex or something similar. sprocket is on the correct side at least.

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