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lifeguard_aus 01-08-2017 02:12 AM

2005 Fair Play not running
Hi all

Apparently it was running then stopped

The owner turned the key switch a few times and it once again ran, until it stopped and hasn't Worked since

It has a sepex 1244 controller

I changed out his 1244 for one of mine ( second hand) as the LED wasn't flashing anything. ( I don't own a programmer as yet )

After putting it back together the motor ran for about 5 seconds then stopped

I have checked the following

- micro switch at the Pedal is clicking
- did a motor check -( with a 12 V battery) tested fine
- checked all leads - a little cracked but as far as I can tell no contact with the frame

This is what is happening

1.Turn key to on

Controller flashes normal

2. Switch to fwd

3. Depress pedal slowly

I hear the SW180 48V DC Contactor click twice and the controller flashes 1,3

Fault codes indicated possible defective controller or field issue with motor
- both were fine when tested

Have you come across this before and any suggestions

It was looked at by another guy and I'm not 100% sure the main contactor wire is in the correct position - B- on the controller

Any help would be greatly appreciated

joeb65 02-03-2017 12:16 PM

Re: 2005 Fair Play not running

Try using the manual for detailed drawings, but basically on a 1244, you have 5 posts.
F1, F1 Cable from motor, some motors will be S2, this is your first field cable, also called a stator, which is where the S comes from on some motors
B-, negative from battery
M-, A2 cable from motor
B+, A1 cable from motor, and the B+ cable from the line contactor
F2, F2 or S1 Field cable from motor

Start with putting cables in the correct spots, and post again. Before you put the field cables back on the controller, do an ohm check from cable end to cable end with your meter. If you have close to 0 Ohms, your cables are probably good, and so are your fields. Not sure if it wiped out the mosfets in the controller or not, but putting the cables in their correct positions can't hurt. If you still have 1,3 code after putting cables in correct positions, and your field cables and motor are fine, you wiped out a mosfet in the controller most likely.

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