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TestPoint 12-25-2019 08:44 PM

G16 electrical issues
I have been chasing random hard to start, will not crank, will not start for several months. Most of the time it cranks and starts just fine but occasionally it will not even acknowledge the gas pedal. Other times it cranks but will not start or starts and runs poorly . . . or just fine.

Ignition coil . . . replaced months ago due to complete failure. That was not the start of the current issues.

Fuel pump . . . this failed and pumped cylinder full of gas. Strange failure symptom but changed that. Changed oil of course.

New battery . . . no obvious problem but it was 5+ years old. No change.

Tested, repeatedly and carefully the go pedal micro switch. Never saw any sign of failure.

Replaced voltage regulator ($20 China part) since it controls the starter process. That improved the situation in that the starter more reliably spun the engine but still have issues.

Starter/Generator seems to be weak starting or is not charging or drawing too much current as the battery discharges.

Replaced starter/generator ($100 China part). Spins engine much better. Obviously part of the problem.

Generator is producing 12.2v with the engine running max rpm's. Batt reads 12.6v with engine off.

That appears to leave me with having to polarize the generator and/or replace the voltage regulator.

Dark got me and I quit for the evening.

Read about grounding the green regulation wire for voltage test or running the starter with a jumper cable to polarize it.

I guess green ground in the morning. Jumper run later.

Thoughts appreciated.

OxlandYamaha 12-26-2019 03:21 AM

Re: G16 electrical issues
Is the gas cable good?
What about the carburator?

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G973F met Tapatalk

TestPoint 12-26-2019 05:10 PM

Re: G16 electrical issues
Starts and runs great with the change of the starter/generator.

Followed forum advice and ran the starter with the belt off for 30 seconds or so.

Now the problem is that the voltage regulator is clamping the charge voltage at 12.1v. Replaced the $9 Chinese regulator with the original one.

The engine starts and runs great but there is no voltage regulation. Measured voltage is 16.5+ and jumps around.

Appears that starter/generator was the come and go starting problem, the original regulator was not regulating properly and that I need a new one.

Guess I will follow forum advice and get an OEM version. Hate to spend $45 though.

Tight Wad Tom

TestPoint 12-31-2019 09:11 PM

Re: G16 electrical issues
I obviously had starter/generator problems. Replaced with non-OEM unit. Spins and starts reliably now. Generates about 16.8v unregulated.

Now to the voltage regulator. Replaced the original unit (22 years old) out of concern that the start/gen transfer which is under control of the regulator might have been the starting problem. Bought one of the $7 units despite numerous warnings that they were unreliable. I figured that they make hundreds of thousands of these universal regulators for everything from carts to motorcycles. They couldn't all be bad.

Replacement regulated battery voltage to 12.1 volts. Battery returned to 12.6v with engine off. Obviously defective.

Old Tight Wad Tom just couldn't stand paying $45 for an OEM Yamaha regulator so I tried another $7 unit from another ebay seller. This one had no regulation at all. Voltage varied from about 12v at idle to 16.8v at max rpm.

Hopefully sending both back but return postage (on me) may make that effort non-economical on a $7 item.

OK, now the question: with the above info is there anything else that could be causing the regulation problem?

If not I guess I will spring the big bucks to go Yamaha although I know that Yamaha buys rather than makes these little items.

TestPoint 01-15-2020 06:46 PM

Re: G16 electrical issues
Sprang for the big bucks on an OEM voltage regulator. That initially regulates battery voltage to about 15.5v but when warm drifts down to about 14v.

That, plus the new starter/generator (plus carburetor, battery and fuel pump in the past 6 months) seemed to put this 24 year old cart back in operation.

Two sets of tires, two batteries, the starter/generator, one fuel pump, one brake pad change and three ignition coils not too bad for 24 years. Guess I will have to give the Yamaha, while not absolutely perfect, at least a four star rating.

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