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sickcraft 05-20-2009 08:33 PM

Help - carburetor problem - for this weekend!
Memorial Day weekend is coming and the cart is not running well. If I hook up the vacuum hose from the engine to the fuel pump, I get a lot of gas coming out the overflow hose and the engine boggs down. If I disconnect the hose the cart will run, but at times it needs more gas and I have to re-connect the hose to get more flow going. The caburetor has been rebuilt as best I can but I believe I was sold the wrong rebuild kit because some pieces don't match.

The engine does not rev up enough to climb the hill it use to. Yes, neither do I, but something is amiss. When the engine is running, if the cart is under load when starting (couple of us "petite" boys on a slight hill), it does not have enough torque to get moving. Once it is moving it can then make it. It will just not rev up enough upon start. I have have the heavier driven clutch spring installed.

So questions for this weekend.
Fuel Pump - Have fuel pumps ever started "overpumping fuel"? What would cause this and how can I test this? There is a small hole on the fuel pump, if this gets clogged can this cuase this?

Caburetor - the float needle, float, and everything I can test appears to be fine. Anything else is over my head. When in neutral, it will rev just fine but under load it doesn't rev like it use to. What controls the reving under load? What can be adjusted?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!


crash12888 05-21-2009 12:50 PM

Re: Help - carburetor problem - for this weekend!
Fuel pump is working fine, it just looks like alot but is low pressure so it will not overpump the needle and seat on a good carb.
It needs to be connected to the engine.
Carb needs to come off one more time and you need to check float for fuel if it is hollow, remove it and shake it, do you here fuel? replace if yes.
If it is ok check the needle and seat for seating. Put a clean hose on the carb and blow in it while raising and lowering the float, does it close?
Make sure the float is set level.

sickcraft 05-25-2009 09:24 PM

Re: Help - carburetor problem - for this weekend!

I took the carb off ONE MORE TIME, gave it a good thrashing and IT WORKED!

I hosed it out really well with carb cleaner and checked the needle. When I hooked it up I couldn't the cart started. After a brief verbal outburst, I realized I hadn't hooked up the vacuum line. Hooked it up and, booda boom, bodda bing, it is running like a champ.

I am so excited it pulled my wave runner out of the lake and up the hill this weekend. I LOVE THIS THING! Thanks!

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