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on_the_fly 03-08-2011 06:11 PM

carry all cab top?
will a carry all cab fit a 01 ds? i was thinking i like the hard top over the soft rain top i have for my ds. it looks like the front is the same but have know idea how the rear of the cab is (never seen one in person). just thinking the hard top might be better for my winter time deer hunting. and to add one dontthe carry all have front drum brakes? what would keep a person from just adding a set of them to a ds? i've looked into front disc kits but wayyyyy out of my pocket to even conceder. i could peice one together from an atv way cheaper and am thinking of doing but then read somewhere about a carry all front brake set up then that light bulb in my head poped , now im here looking for advive while changing my bulb :mrgreen:

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