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Bubba75 04-21-2015 08:40 PM

96 g16 carb
Ok, working on installing new carb on g16, and I have an issue. the diagram shows the following:

airbox--gasket--carb--gasket--joint--gasket--engine. The joint is Yami part JN6-13595-00-00. My problem is I don't have a joint. It goes strait from carb to gasket to engine. Am I missing something here, or is this something that happened in 1996 when the g14 to g16 switch happened?

Dave in VA 04-22-2015 06:07 AM

Re: 96 g16 carb
As far as I know, the joint/spacer is supposed to be there on all G16's. If you have a new carb, get the joint and do it up right.:thumbup:

Bubba75 04-22-2015 07:04 AM

Looks like the spacer would move airbox out and wouldn't that affect the rear bolts on air box?

Dave in VA 04-22-2015 07:39 AM

Re: 96 g16 carb
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Yes, it seems like it would, but the joint needs to be there. Not sure if the carb will even attach to the head without it, unless the shroud is missing.

Bubba75 04-22-2015 02:31 PM

I picked it up and going to attempt tomorrow. Maybe that piece is there and I'm not looking at it right, because that part is wider than I thought

Bubba75 04-23-2015 03:33 PM

And I get to humble myself on this one. It was there. The key word was shroud Dave. Wasn't even thinking it would be recessed. Thanks. Now it's off to cleaning air box and pulling starter generator to replace brushes.

Bubba75 04-27-2015 01:45 PM

Re: 96 g16 carb
Guess closure on this. I was able to install new carb with lifted cart jet with little to no problem. Replaced all lines in and out while I was at it, and after all was hooked up she runs like a champ with no adjustments to carb. I was worried that I would be in for a series of adjustments but it's perfect.

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