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joesnuffy 08-29-2021 05:39 PM

Re: G1 Thread: Everything About G1's for Newbies
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Possible cheap (19 Bucks) trigger coils G1. My trigger coil is good but for this price I though what the heck I just ordered one of these potential trigger coils for my G1 golf cart for a spare and am hopping it will fit/bolt up. I would have to solder the original 2 wires to it that normally go to the OEM G1 trigger coil one is green and white and the other wire is red and white but I can live with that. I am getting ready to put new Yamaha crank seals in and will check to see if this will bolt up when I do so. I will report back to let others know if it fit and if it works producing spark.

If they run out or if link dies look up this part. Yamaha part PWC 6M6855800000 / 6M6-85580-00-00

I hope this helps someone,



mikeasis 08-29-2021 06:49 PM

Re: G1 Thread: Everything About G1's for Newbies
This seller has listings for both the source coil and pulsar coil for the G1


joesnuffy 08-29-2021 08:38 PM

Re: G1 Thread: Everything About G1's for Newbies
Thanks for the info. I was wanting an extra trigger coil for a good price since mine is good and am hoping this one will work for 19 dollars once I re-solder a couple wires to it. I will take some pics once I do the mod to it. I was thinking if someone needed one 19 bucks beats over 100 bucks for someone on a limited budget.


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